Our mission

In essence we are a product comparison website who dedicates their time to finding the best products in different categories. Buyers these days are exposed to a huge range of products and this makes them anxious at decision making. We’re here to make your purchases easier.

Primarily our expertise is focused on these topics: baby (feeding, pregnancy, diapers), shoes, tennis, running, etc.

Purpose of the website

We know that people have different expectations from products, therefore we always select at least 10 products to meet expectations of all types. The products are ranked, but you can choose any of them, even the last one, because the products reviewed all passed our expert expectations.

We have put a lot of energy into creating a user-friendly design and great readability. The ranking tables are created to easily help you figure out the ranking and the key factors of each product. This way, you can choose your favorite product easily. In every comparison post we have an Editor’s choice which is basically the best product on the market and a price/value product.

Our experts often spend weeks researching and investigating every aspect of the products before they make their final decision on the winner. The experts are chosen very carefully and all of them have a lot of years of experience in their topic. Here they are:

Zoey Miller, M.Ed.

Zoey is our baby equipment expert. Her topics are baby, diapers, feeding, and pregnancy. After finishing college, she started work as a kindergarten teacher. She is a mother to Naomi and Daisy and has gained an immeasurable knowledge from raising her kids and teaching.

Patricia Nolan, MSc

Patricia is an athletic trainer specializing in foot and sports injuries. She is an avid runner and an expert in choosing the proper footwear and shoes in the field of running and other sports.

Brandon Owen

When it comes to shoes, Brandon is our expert! He currently works in a shoe department store as a supervisor. The department carries everything from athletic shoes to work boots, so he has experience in all sorts of shoe types. His strong suit is athletic shoes, utility shoes (tactical boots, work boots), and other sports shoes. He prides himself on the varieties and brands on a weekly basis, as they obtain about 30-50 new styles every week. This helps to strengthen his product knowledge and gives important insight to customers that aren’t necessarily sure what types of shoes they need. Also, he is a big fan of tennis. He practices on a regular basis and is an expert in tennis equipment.

Kathy Harper

Kathy shares her huge experience in relationship.

She lived an ordinary life until her college years, when she came to believe that guys were designed for her. Unfortunately, she was blessed with much naivety. Therefore, she had her heart broken numerous times, but collected a lot of experience.

Robert Nathan

Robert is a quite introverted person who meets with the problems of everyday life but solves them in unusual ways. In his childhood he always stayed in the background, yet kept trying to prevail. He did it firstly by not putting up with mediocre answers, but he tried to see behind the problems and find long-term solutions for them.