About us

Our goal at Babble Out is to share confidential information from our experts who have in-depth knowledge in their area of expertise.

We are convinced that, in the course of free information flow, everyone has the right to the knowledge they desire and in this way we want to make our world a better place.

The internet is littered with subjective opinions, a bunch of generalizations and lots of hype. We're strong believers in evidence-based content; facts that are proven by scientific evidence. That’s why you’ll see a lot of references in most of our articles.

Lately we have been making more and more product reviews as we want to share our personal knowledge and experience and help our readers to make the right decision. Our experts have worked in the area for many years and have been practicing it day after day.

Here is how we create our guides and reviews:

  • Our expert on the specific topic consults with the editor-in-chief on what type of article is needed, what interests the readers, and which questions have to be answered
  • Based on the instructions further research is carried out and referenced with evidence
  • The expert creates the article with their best knowledge
  • The editor-in-chief puts the article into a consumable form
  • We check and have the article reviewed by an external expert
  • We publish the article