Best Organic Baby Bath Products (Shampoos and Washes) in 2021

Watching my precious baby splash her bathwater all over me is one of the best moments of my entire day! Not only is bath-time fun for both her and me, but it is also essential for her hygiene as well. Most leading pediatricians recommend bathing your baby at least 3-4 times a week. However, it is important to choose the correct baby bath product for a safer and yet thorough cleaning.

While there is a dizzying array of bathing products designed specifically for babies, not all of them are as good as they claim. I mean, just take a look at the ingredients list on some of them. A quick look at the ingredients of some of the best-selling baby shampoo reveals that it is loaded with chemicals such as Parabens, artificial fragrance, and PEG-40. In all honesty, I did not know what half of these chemicals were, so, I did what any concerning parent would do; I researched them. Turns out, that these chemicals are not even in adult bathing products, let alone baby products. Parabens have been linked to diseases such as cancer and other ingredients like Polyethylene Glycols are often contaminated with extremely toxic chemicals such as Dioxane.

I realized the potential damage these artificial shampoos and soaps can do to my baby and decided to stop using them altogether. Thankfully, there are a ton of organic alternatives on the market that contain absolutely no harsh chemicals.

I have been using exclusively organic baby bath products for my little girl for about a year now, and I can tell you that some of these products are just fantastic.

If you are concerned about the chemicals in your baby's bath products (and you should be), you are at the right place. In this article, I will be talking about some of the best organic baby bathing products out there. All the products discussed in this article are a 100% natural and safe. 




My Rating


Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash


Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash


Little Twig All Natural, Hypoallergenic Baby Wash


Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash, Calming


Babo Botanicals Natural Lavender Meadowsweet 3 in 1 Baby Bubble Bath Shampoo Wash

5 Best organic baby bath products

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

It is hands down one of the best organic natural baby shampoo/wash out there. Pure Natural has been on the market forever, and they have utilized their market experience to better their formulation.

Now in its third generation, the formula of this baby shampoo/wash is better than ever. It has more suds, more moisturizers, and improved scent.

It is the only product on the market that is not only recommended by pediatricians but formulated by one as well. The pink grapefruit essential oil imparted fragrance is one of the best I have used as well.

There is no Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates or PEG in this formula either. It is made in the USA and is guaranteed for safety and satisfaction.

I have absolutely no problems in recommending this product as it is one of the best in the market.


  • Developed by a team of doctors
  • Completely organic
  • No artificial colors or fragrances
  • No phthalates, parabens, SLS or other harsh chemicals
  • Soothing, natural fragrance


  • None! That's right; there are no problems with this product at all, well, apart from the premium price tag, that is!

​​​​​Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

If you are looking for a luxurious and soothing baby shampoo/body wash, the Babyganics is the way to go. It is an entirely organic formula containing their proprietary NeoNourish oil blend.

The one thing that sets this baby shampoo apart from the competition is the fact that it is completely scent-free. There is absolutely no fragrance to this product. I know many babies can be allergic to strong smells and scents and if your child is, this is the best choice for you.

The shampoo is free of Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates, making it one of the safest formulations on this list. The all-natural plant-based ingredients make the bath-time fun and enjoyable for both the child and the parent.

My daughter loves this shampoo as it can form a rich lather and I love it as it is completely SLS-free! Talk about a win-win situation.


  • Completely natural and plant-based ingredients
  • No fragrances
  • Thick and rich consistency
  • Tear-free
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It is on the more expensive side. That said, as the shampoo is quite thick, it will last for a long time.

Little Twig All Natural, Hypoallergenic Baby Wash

Little Twig is known for their allergen-free organic baby products So, when I came across their baby wash, I know it must be a good product. When I tried this one out, my experience was consistent with what I had expected from the product.

It is a rich, thick formula that is a 100% organic and uses absolutely no artificial flavoring whatsoever. One of the best things about the product is the fact that it contains a blend of lavender, lemon and tea-tree essential oils that give it a distinct and fresh aroma. The essential oils are also great for the overall skin health as well.

The formulation is completely free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates. What's more, the baby wash is free- from common allergens such as wheat, nuts, and soy. The pediatrician-tested formula is one of the best in the market, and both you and your child will love this product.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Sulfate, Phthalate, and Parabens-free
  • Rich and thick consistency
  • Natural essential oil blend
  • Lathers nicely


  • The aroma can be a bit overwhelming for some babies or their parents

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash, Calming

Burt's Bees is a well-known brand that has made a name for itself in organic beauty products. The baby shampoo and wash is a 2-in-1 liquid soap that uses only the natural ingredients.

One of the best things about this product is the fact that is has a soothing aroma of natural lavender. There are no artificial fragrances used in this product, and only natural essential oils are used in the formula.

A quick look at the ingredients list would reveal that it does not contain any parabens, PEGs or SLS. Although the formula does contain some chemicals such as Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, these chemicals are way gentler compared to some others used in non-organic formulas.

As the formula contains only natural ingredients, it is less irritating to the eye as well. Although the product claims that it is 'tear-free,' in my experience, the product does cause some tearing, but it is significantly less compared to other SLS containing products.


  • Gentle soothing
  • No SLS, Parabens or other harsh chemicals
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Cleans thoroughly and efficiently
  • Can be used as both shampoo as baby washes


  • It still has a couple of chemicals in it, although these are completely safe
  • The shampoo is a bit runny

Babo Botanicals Natural Lavender Meadowsweet 3 in 1 Baby Bubble Bath Shampoo Wash

If your baby has sensitive skin, the Babo Botanicals soap is a perfect choice. As the name suggests, it is a 3-in-1 soap that you can use as shampoo, a body wash as well as a bubble bath.

It is completely chemical-free and does not contain the usual suspects such as phthalates, sulfates, and SLS. The proprietary Nutri-soothe complex is a blend of lavender essential oil and some other oils that help to soothe the baby's sensitive skin.

The shampoo is thick and lathers enough as well. You can easily use this as a bubble bath for slightly older kids. The fragrance is also quite good. Unlike some other products, the lavender scent is quite subtle and smells more natural. The formulation is also free of most allergens including soy, wheat, nuts, egg, and dairy.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Completely free of Phthalates, SLS, Sulfates, and Parabens
  • Allergen-free
  • Can be used as a bubble bath, soap, and shampoo
  • Soothing, subtle lavender smell


  • It can leave the skin a bit dry. Nothing alarming, but it is on the drier side.

Buying Guide

After I review these amazing baby bath products, there is something that I want to discuss. There is a reason why I am recommending these particular products. All these products are free from some of the harsh chemicals that are frequently found even in some of the leading brands on the market. 

Chemicals you should avoid altogether

Some chemicals that are unfortunately quite widely used in baby products are just horrible, and you should avoid products containing even traces of them. Some of the chemicals in this list include the following.

Artificial fragrances

Avoid any baby product that contains synthetic fragrance. Most of these fragrances are nothing but chemical compounds that trick your sense of smell. For instance, there are chemical compounds that smell just like lavender when they have nothing to do with the real lavender essence. These compounds are manufactured in a lab, and you should avoid them at all costs. I would go further and recommend that you should also avoid them in your bathing products, but if not that, then at least avoid them in your baby's.


Most products that I have tested have this chemical in them. There are many 'types' of parabens out there, but none of them are right for you. These chemicals are used as preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria and other nasty microbes in the formulation. There is plenty of evidence linking these chemicals to cancer and other diseases. Make sure that you are avoiding any bathing products that contain the word 'Paraben' in their ingredients list.

​Petroleum-based detergents

Many adult soaps and shower gels contain detergents that are derived from other petroleum products. While they may be okay for an adult's skin, they are surely not good for the delicate skin of a baby. Make sure that you are avoiding any products that contain these ingredients.

Other chemical-sounding ingredients

I have a rule when it comes to avoiding chemically laced products for my children. I read the ingredients, and if the ingredient sounds 'chemical' I avoid it, it is as simple as that. I am not claiming that this is the best method, but if you are in doubt and the name sounds 'chemical', you are better off avoiding it.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Now, SLS has garnered a lot of controversies lately. Some research suggests that SLS is quite harmful while some other studies deem it safe. After reviewing a lot of factual and scientific evidence, I concluded that although SLS is okay in my dish washing detergent or laundry detergent, I am going to avoid it in my baby's soap and shampoo. SLS can be quite irritating to the skin and eyes, and I prefer that the baby soap that I am using not have this ingredient. On a side-note, this chemical is sometimes called Sodium Laureth sulfate.

How to choose the best baby bath products

Now, in the light of some of the information I gave above, here is a cheat-sheet of picking the best organic baby bath product.

  • Make sure that you are reading the complete label on the product. Don't go by the advertising alone. Make sure that you are reading the fine print as well. If you are unsure of an ingredient, look it up. If you still can't find it, just don't get a product with that ingredient.
  • Avoid anything with artificial colors and fragrances. If you want some scent, pick a product that has natural oils for fragrance.
  • Don't buy a baby shampoo/wash that contains chemical preservatives, especially parabens.
  • Avoid 'no-cry' or 'tear-free' shampoos. Most of such products contain a chemical called 1, 4-Dioxane that produces formaldehyde. I would rather prefer something natural getting into my baby's eye than a chemical, right?
  • There is no need of buying a separate shampoo and a bath soap for your baby. Most body washes that you will read about in the following section can be used as an all-in-one solution for bathing!

The verdict

After reviewing some of the best organic baby shampoos and baby soaps on the market, the Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash takes the number one spot on this list. It is one of the best soaps on the market that is completely organic and chemical-free.

Formulated by doctors, the Puracy Natural is safe and gentle on the baby's skin. The subtle fragrance does not overpower either. The soap does not leave the skin dry and is ideal for absolutely any child, or for their parent as well!

If you found the information in this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for your time, live healthily and stay happy!

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