21 questions to ask a girl to impress her – 2017 list!

There’s nothing else I hate more than my conversation with a guy turns into awkward silence. It means to me that we are on different wavelengths, we’re not in line with each other.

Of course it’s not only the man’s fault as it takes two to make a bargain. But one thing is for sure, if the conversation often turns into boredom, the participants have nothing to do with each other.
In my experience there are boys who are able to be exciting again and again and I can go on a very interesting talks with them. Some of the men pile me with interesting stories which are nice to listen to for a while. However, what really throws me into a fever is the questions which make me think. On the other hand, it’s a good feeling that they are curious about me.

I like questions that nobody has ever asked from me that make me realize on something and I also like conversations with men that help me learn something new about myself.

This is the feeling that a girl describes like “It’s so good to be with this man. I don’t know why but it’s simply good.”

Well, I’ve gathered questions which are the most exciting for me and which make a conversation really exciting. They are the best in live but they might as well make text messages or chats interesting, let alone the man who I’m talking with… 🙂

I’ve divided the questions into 4 types, I think it’s important to talk about all of them. So, here are the questions to ask a girl.

So, here are questions to ask a girl!​

Funny things to ask a girl

If you want to charm her off her feet, bomb her with these questions. They not only make the conversation interesting but they also make a man very exciting if his questions make a woman laugh.

If you are at the beginning of getting to know each other and it’s embarrassing to ask serious questions, the following ones are ideal and real hits.

Ok, it might sound not really funny at first, but believe me the answers the girls will give you will be more or less humorous. As for me, I wouldn’t leave my house without my photo album even if the house leaned on me. My girl-friends, however, mentioned even more crazy stuff like make-up kit, orchid, … So believe it or not, the question is a grant for a funny situation.

Women (as me) like to remember their childish, irresponsible time and self, which brings back a lot of funny memories. They love talking about them and it makes the contact immediately more intimate if you get some information about her childhood.

I wish I could! … I would watch for everything and hear in everything. I really don’t know where to start from. It would be a very exciting and interesting situation…

Hmmm, I don’t know, money maybe? 🙂 Only kidding. I think it would be melted chocolate and if I were drowning, then rescue me only at the very last moment…

Oooooh, there are more of it, say seeing in people’s mind or flying, or if I could speak and understand all the languages … well, I would settle for it. This is what I could talk a lot about.

Ok, this is a bit of a silly question but I think it’s still funny. If the girl is opened to humor, she will have kinda funny answer.

​Random, good questions
to ask a girl

There are situations where talks get tired. It fluctuates with highs and lows. There’s nothing wrong with it, however it is the man’s task to sort them out. This time random questions may come in handy!

These questions are perfect for keeping up the conversation, breaking the ice with light topics and avoiding unpleasant situations.

It gives food for thought. Maybe the truth is not always important… although feeling a bit stupid is really annoying. One thing is sure, you can talk about it.

Riiiiiiich, no doubt. Who cares how many people know me if there’s a BMW rumbling under me … 🙂 Don’t have illusions.
Most women will come with this answer…

Let’s say something like it’s sometimes good to be crying. I know it sounds stupid but that’s the way it is. Men could simply understand that crying is not always bad. We get rid of a lot of negative energy while crying.
Besides, try to understand how women’s brains are different. If you accept it, you will be able to handle us more easily.

My name Zoey means „life”. Yes, I know it sounds kinda strange to give it to a newborn baby but I like it. What about you? 🙂

No doubt I would go back to the past. I’m into history so much and I would like to meet some historical persons so much (like Audrey Hepburn). Anyway, no one knows how long we will have the future. I might be going ahead in time and I’ll find myself in a black hole!? 🙂

Deep questions

It happened to me several times that the man himself wasn’t my cup of cake but when we started to talk about deep topics, he turned to be very likeable … 🙂 So what you should know is that it is not only the funny questions that charm a lady off her feet.

Using these deep questions help you to get to know your partner better, what she is like under the surface. Each answer can tell you so much about somebody. You can also realize whether you match or no. If you feel that most of the answers are far from yours, then you’d better let her go. There may be some chemistry between you and her but it is only the question of time for both of you to realize you don’t match each other. You are losing time instead of being together with someone else who might be a real match. Let alone, every break up is painful.

Hmmmm, let me see. I can see an experienced woman who has been over a lot of things in her life and who lives in a loving relationship somewhere in a peaceful place.

Yet I should have chosen that purple dress at the weekend? 🙂 Ok, joking apart. I should have talked more with my father…

I would spend this time with my friends and my family and try to make it more of fun and happiness. Ohhh, and let’s not forget to buy gallons of chocolate topping…

I might make military service obligatory for men to make their life a little more exciting! 🙂
Hmmm, I don’t know, I might take a look at X-files, secret docs…

I have made a lotta mistakes in my life, but maybe the most important advice for myself would be “Appreciate yourself more and let no one treat you like a game to play!!”

Best dirty questions to ask a girl

Ohhh, yes, here we go. After going through some deep topics, it’s time to pick the dirty layer of mind! They can make an ideal base for a little flirt or nasty things. With them you can indicate to the girl that you are into her and the girl will love as it is. These questions are a must and, at the same time, ideal to intensify a relationship…

There are questions worth being asked online as face-to-face most women might feel embarrassed and the whole conversation fails. However, they are worth being asked online and go on flirting after the replies…

Hmmm, anywhere if it is the person touching me who I also want…

Sorry guys, I can’t let out every secret of mine… 🙂
Don’t forget! These questions can be asked only online!

Well, this is a typical question which tells you whether she is into you or not. If she is hesitating, help her and tell her which of her body parts you would like to see naked most.

If she hasn’t slept naked so far, just encourage her to try it out, if she has already, ask about her experiences like what was it like, what she liked about it, etc….

In my case, it’s the hands, but it varies with women. If you know what her favorite one is, it’s worth maintaining the given part of yours.


  • Remember that a good question is always open and do not require a yes or no answer.
  • If you don’t care about her answer, do not ask the question. There’s no point in having a conversation if only one of the participants is enjoying it, because it’s just an issue of time when the other party realizes it and nothing promising will come out of it at the end of the story…
  • After she gives you the answer, tell her your answer no matter she asked back or no. However, if she doesn’t ask back at all, she is not really interested in you, which is a big problem. The other reason is that she is simply an egoist, which is an even bigger problem.

And if you don't want to talk, too much with the girl, just act like this guy. Sometime there is no need for talk... 🙂

Zoey Miller

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