Best Masturbation Lube for Men – (2020 Review)

We all do it. We all love it. Sometimes there is no greater joy than spending time alone, enjoying your own fantasies, and bringing yourself to climax. After all, you were (most likely) the first to bring yourself pleasure. And we all know exactly what feels the best for us. But that doesn't mean masturbation has to be the same each time. Next time, try a different lubricant just to shake things up. The following brands have been (happily) tested for pleasure, comfort and ease of use. Some of them even work well with a partner.




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Gun Oil Stroke masturbation lubricant


Swiss Navy Premium masturbation cream


Wicked liquid masturbation cream

Best Lubricant for Masturbation - Product Reviews

The following products have been tested and reviewed. While all get the job done, they each have slightly different methods of achieving the same results.

Gun Oil Stroke Masturbation Lubricant

Made of Aloe Vera and a dash of Vitamin E, this hypoallergenic lubricant improves as you continue to stroke. When the cream heats up, it takes your self-pleasuring to a new level. It almost feels like someone else is stroking you. Gun Oil is durable, and does not require a reapplication too quickly, or if at all. This product also naturally soothes skin, for less chafing. It is also unscented and flavor free, and comes in an easy to use pump top. The downside is that it is not good for use with condoms.

Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Lotion Cream

Swiss Navy makes both masturbation creme and massage creme, and surprisingly both work well for masturbation. Also, when finished the solution feels like a lotion, not like an oil. It also comes close to recreating the feeling of having a partner. It is not compatible with most condoms, but is compatible with non-silicone based sex toys.

Wicked liquid Masturbation Lubricant

This oil-based lubricant has a coconut oil base, and is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe. Like other oil-based lubes, it starts as a creme and transforms into more of a liquid. The Vitamin E and Aloe helps to moisturize at the same time as your pleasure increases. The drawbacks include the oil not being compatible with most condoms.

Intimate Rose Personal Lubricant Water Based Lube 

Intimate Rose is designed to match the consistency of natural female lubrication, thereby making it even closer to the real thing. It is versatile in that it works for solo sessions and with a partner. It is water based, so it won't stain. It also isn't sticky or greasy. It claims to be compatible with all sex toys.

Boy Butter Personal Lubricant

For solo pleasure, Boy Butter is a great option. It is oil based, made up of coconut oil and a blend of organic silicone. It feels like real butter! But it doesn't stain. It's also long lasting and safe for toys. Drawbacks are that it is not latex safe, so don't use this product with condoms.

What is sexual lubricant?

Lubricants are what reduces friction and irritation during sex. The experts all say that "wetter is better." Women either lubricate with stimulation, or get assistance from lubrication products, or are naturally wet. When men masturbate, lubrication frequently needs to come from an outside source. That is how lube helps.

How is lube applied?

Put a small amount (the size of a nickel) into your palm and rub your hands together. Then slowly spread it over the tip of your penis and work your way down the shaft. Then increase speed as you see fit. Different lubes will lead to a variety of experiences and pleasures.

What are lubes made of?

Lubricants are usually water based, oil based, or silicon based. Water based lubes are safest for use with condoms and with partners. Women are likelier to develop yeast infection with oil based lubes since some contain glycerin which can get trapped in the body. Also, oil and silicon based lubes are not recommended with condoms or sex toys as the lubricant material can break them down.

What are the advantages of oil or silicon based lubes?

Oil and silicon can enhance the experience and change when in contact with body heat and friction.

What about flavored or sensation lubes?

These tend to be unpleasant to most partners. Skip them, or try them if you are solo. And if you are one of the very few who can experience flavored lube on yourself, good for you!


After testing all products, the one that beat the others was Gun Oil Stroke masturbation cream. The name comes from the claim that on your 29th stroke the cream turns into liquid due to the warming from the friction, thereby enhancing the experience. There is no guarantee that this happens on the 29th stroke (or the 50th, or the 10th) but a change is definitely noticeable. While it is not safe for unprotected sex with a partner or with condoms, it definitely enhances solo play. Purchase a new lube and experience your next masturbation session in a new way.

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