21 best pick up lines ever heard! (#10 made her chin drop) – 2017

The thing is that every woman has a phase in life when they just want dating, without having a serious relationship, just enjoying freedom without responsibility and being faithful to anyone. However, most women don’t go through this phase due to social pressure and they live their life without it. Well, I’m not this type… 🙂

It sometimes happened to me that I let myself live for today and enjoy the moment with men.

I heard tons of pickup lines in this period and I must confess that in most cases the pickup lines themselves were good, but the way they performed them was terrible (and here I don’t mean the look of the men). So I think that pickup lines should be dropped in only in certain situations and with self-confidence, otherwise no matter how funny and captivating, they won’t work.

I meet up my girl-friends for a coffee in a mall every Saturday and pickup lines often come up as a topic. On one of these occasions it just came to my mind why not writing a blog post from the best ones?

As I’ve kept a diary since I was a little girl, it didn’t mean a problem to me to look up the best pick up lines and to summarize them with some notes. I re-live the moments and I know exactly what attracted me in each case.

Let’s just start with some that I suggest to be avoided in any case. If you don’t want to get into embarrassing situations, I advise you to forget the following corny and cheesy pickup lines.

Corny pick up lines

Avoid these corny pickup lines which guarantee total failure.

I’ve heard it for a thousand times to grab my attention and anyway, it has never been cool…

Too artificial:

Funny pick up lines

Here we go! These are the best pick up lines. There’s no better way of chatting up a girl than making her laugh. The first smile is the enter to women’s heart…

He just sneaked to me and whispered the following into my ears as if this was the FBI’s top secret info:

Of course he immediately sweet-talked me … every woman longs for this sentence no matter what the occasion is: party, wedding, funeral, meeting, beach, anything.

That’s it! I love it. Original, nice, flattering and bold at the same time. Why isn’t it used by every man? 🙂
Maybe if it was used by everyone, it would sound boring after a while… so live with it until it gets over-popular.

It is remarkable because the guy just came up to me in a reproachful way and dropped it angrily without even giving me a smile just for a second. I needed a few seconds to get what he said and then I burst into laughing
I felt astonishment, anger and joy at the same time. There are only very few men who are able to make me feel like this: so many feelings at one time.

Yepp! At last somebody compromises on my figure without praising me into face… This made me feel on top of the world… I want moreeeee.
Moreover, this was asked after a meeting by my colleague and we hadn’t even said a „booo” to each other before.

This is one of the best chatup gas that is dropped frequently and it rocks. If the guy is ok, you don’t refuse him and the chat has already started. If the poor chap is not my cuppa tea, it’s better to let him know asap.
I heard it on the beach as well as in the library. It works most of the time.

Creative and happy. If it has already been dropped with the girl you’ve picked out, it won’t work but it’s worth the risk as none of my friends heard it before.
After this just ask some things about me and the talk has already been on.

Yes! And he was right! Although the fellow was not really attractive, but something got me started… I liked his cheeky appearance, self-confidence and … yes, I wanted to get to know him. Women like cheeky guys. Just be pissing and if we are arguing about something then there is some kinda chemistry in between us.

Very cheeky one. Astonishing, but I think it’s really there in case of one out of three girls. With me for sure. It’s so cheeky that you don’t leave him standing. You just start to argue, talk and something shapes up. One thing is for sure, you called my attention and I’ll talk to you.
Make sure you are brave enough as one or two of my friends would have thrown a tantrum!

Dirty pick up lines

Bear in mind, nothing venture, nothing gain. Lotta girls are into a talk with a bold guy, not with a shy one who starts flattering. Come on, be ballsy and show her what a real man is like.

By no means! Indeed…
Every woman likes to be flattered, but don’t go too far! It’s for sure that they charmed me off my feet and I love if they praise my look!

I don’t believe everything I hear but I like that he used such a confident pickup gas. He said it in a cool restaurant at that! That’s why it was very surprising. I could hardly say a word but my next thought was like how cheeky this man was that he said something like this in a place like this. I was really into it. 🙂

It was dropped in a hostel party and it worked out! If I had been totally sober, I wouldn’t have reacted that kindly but the situation was absolutely proper! I only answered that „…I’m in, I think she’ll be ok without me!” 🙂

It’s important to notice that these dirty pickup stuff must be dropped in when there are only the two of you and make sure you whisper because if they’re used in public, every woman will refuse them. That is let just her girl-friend being from 10 inches away not hear them!

Sexual pick up lines

These are working mainly at parties where girls are a bit tipsy. Furthermore, keep it in mind, if you want a one-night affair and you wanna get to know if she's in it, these are the best pickup lines.

It’s a little arrogant sexual pick up line, but the fellow performed it in a nice and flattering way. He wasn’t over-confident.

It also proves that an average pickup chatter can be good if it is used properly.

Okay, it is a bit too rude and I needed a few beers to be opened enough for such a pickup gas. However, if you see that the girl is opened for teasing and understands the joke, you can give it a try with it.

Warning: only in case of tipsy girls … 🙂

Cute pick up lines

If you wanna play safe and don't want to struck in the middle, they're ideal pickup lines. You can slowly build up a mutual like, make her like you and ask her out for a date.

It’s a bit too cute pickup line, but at that moment the guy who said it was really sweet. One thing is for sure, we started talking and it turned out at the end that I got to know a fairly nice chap.

If I could give another piece of advice, this can mainly be used with reserved, shy girls as they’re into it.

It’s a cool stuff, I was into the guy so he didn’t have to work too hard…

It can only be used in the swimming pool otherwise the girl won’t understand what you are talking about. 🙂

Ok, this is not that funny, but if somebody whispers it into your ears while coming out of a church and then makes off with a flirtatious smile, it is very effective, believe me. It’s so effective that it was me who stepped to him and asked him what I should take it for, and he went like „You take it for what you want it, but if I were you, I would take it seriously…”

And on top of it, it was me who asked him if he wanted to talk it over with a coffee. And his answer was like „Only if you fork it out!”; after all these I knew this is him I want.

Cheesy pick up lines

I’ve left some cheesy pickup lines to the end that you mustn’t use. By no means! What a pity I had them in my diary. Good news: only few ones.

The problem with this is that it’s too artificial, not funny at all.

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