[2018 Sexting Examples] – How to sext to turn him/her on?

The hottest sexting examples to turn a guy/girl on. Dirty text messages, sexting tips and everything you need to learn how to sext. I have tested these sexting examples and they work both for girlfriends and boyfriends.

I love sexting; I think there’s nothing better to turn each other on without seeing your partner. Women love getting such messages and men long for this 24/7.

If you haven’t tried it out, get started by all means and believe me, you will simply love it. If you haven’t got the hang of it yet, follow my instructions and you’ll get into the groove very quickly… 🙂

Basic rules

  • Do not write long messages. The point of sexting is a striking, effective message which results a quick reply.
  • In most of the cases it’s worth getting into sexting if you have already dated a few times. It’s important for both of you to be in a confidential relationship and not to be total strangers for each other.
  • Do not start sexting with a rude message because you scared the other party and they won’t get into this game.
  • Be ambiguous, waggish and exciting. Make your partner feel that you are in the mood, you are horny but do not let yourself easily.
  • Switch off autocorrect mode as it can make the sexting go astray.

Sexting has its phases, so this is why it is important that you introduce sexting according to a certain scenario. Your partner must get into the mood and feel their participation in an upcoming exciting chat…


If you are at the beginning of a relationship, it is especially important to start sexting carefully. You must test the waters to find out whether your partner is ready for sexting or not. If you drop an exciting question, you can see if your partner is ready for fun or not…

Sexting examples for him

Copy/paste text message

All men love this type of message. In most cases, when I send a message like this to my man, he stops doing whatever it was and focuses on me. He replies immediately and can’t wait to dive into some sexting.

Copy/paste text message

This is an obvious sign to your chap that you want to get him horny. He immediately imagines you in panties he loves anyway, and can’t wait to see you with them on.

Copy/paste text message

If you are just in the phase of getting to know each other or you are at the beginning of a relationship, this is an excellent message to start an exciting sexting. You can talk about what you would do if you were lying next to each other and slowly sexting can turn into dirty chatting. Be careful! You will turn your guy on like crazy.

Copy/paste text message

It’s a straight warm-up for the night… go and sext using your dirty fantasy and have a wild night later on. Act out what you’ve sexted. Do what you said you would.

Sexting examples for her

Copy/paste text message

Oh, yes, this is a real trap for a woman. And believe it or not, it always works. The reason is that women’s weakest point is their curiosity. And if the situation is flattering too, they can’t stop themselves.

This is the ultimate, 100% sure-fire sentence. I was in a rather new relationship when my then-boyfriend dropped me this line. We hadn’t had sex until then, but after sexting we ended up doing it…

Copy/paste text message

Yes, girls need preparation for sexting. You mustn’t start with a dirty message as it scares them away right at the beginning. Do the intro, make her feel that there’s a prospect for sexting, and if her answers are positive, you can go on with it. However, if she is uncertain, try to find out with cautious hints if she wants to sext or not…

Copy/paste text message

A very good message, I love it when I get something similar because I know that someone is fantasizing about me. Women love being wanted, especially if it’s said and done too. This is one of the safest ways of taking up sexting as you are making the girl more self-confident and as such she will be much more open to sexting.

Copy/paste text message

This is a classic sentence, and if you are at the beginning of your relationship or just in the phase of getting to know each other, it usually works. Of course, it must be used in context, and in relevant situations, but you can find out if she’s ready for a little mischievousness on the phone. If she has an exciting reply, you can go on…

Turn him/her on

Ok, so you’ve got the green light, you feel that she’s ready for a little mischievousness, and the real sexting is on the go. Let’s see how we can turn our partner on

Sexting tips for girls

Copy/paste text message

This is really a winner. He is likely to answer yes and you can ask what you’ve been doing or what positions you were trying. If he is shy, I usually tell him as encouragement that I have also fantasized about him, but I want him to speak about it first and then it will be my turn.

This message always works for me.

Copy/paste text message

Yes, he’ll immediately imagine you with this on and will be asking about its size and whether there’s any chance of bringing your date forward…

Copy/paste text message

This is a really obvious message which brings the chat to the point. Use it only if you have already been together, otherwise he will think of you as a whore…
On the other hand, if your relationship is not new, it will turn your boyfriend on very much and your message will hit the spot.

Copy/paste text message

Show me a guy who wouldn’t be happy to be wanted! This is what really makes them hot. A simple message, but you can achieve a lot with it.

Copy/paste text message

Ahhhh, this makes them very horny. Men will imagine how you are standing there naked in front of their door. This message really hits the spot and this ignites their dirty fantasy…

Sexting tips for guys

Copy/paste text message

This is a modest but straight message with which you immediately let her know her body drives you crazy and you want her. At the same time you let her know you want to see her naked

If you haven’t made love so far, be careful, and only use it after a few dates. It’s necessary for you to know each other to a certain extent before you come out with a message like this. However, if you’ve introduced sexting well, you’ll get a pretty positive reply.

Copy/paste text message

Girls are shy when it comes to talking about their sexual desires, so help her by giving some options for what you will offer her in turn (for instance you will kiss her body all over, you will cover her body with hot chocolate and then lick it off, etc.)

Copy/paste text message

Sexting before dinner is one of the best things; at least, I enjoy it very much. On such occasions you can discuss some special desires, and you can’t wait to get to bed.

Go on till …

If you are sexting, you might as well get to know some pretty confidential information about her secret desires or you can get her into the mood so much that she can’t wait to meet up. Also, it is great fun as a good sexting is almost equal to substantial sex (ok, almost…).

How to sext a guy

Copy/paste text message

This is the ultimate sext you can give to the guy. If he is not horny yet, at this moment his only desire will be to get to you in the shortest way as quickly as possible…

Copy/paste text message

Yes, this is what they love… try this message out and you will hit the spot, I guarantee it.

Copy/paste text message

If you want to turn him on right there, you will definitely do so with this.

Copy/paste text message

Men want to hear that you’ll give yourself up to them!

Copy/paste text message

If you are doing a little dirtier sexting, you can feel free to send messages like this or similar ones to him. Tell him how you would like to do it with him and what you like to be done in bed. This is the time to tell him your desires and improve your future sexual life. Sometimes you need a substantial sexting session to make your sexual date even better.

How to sext a girl

Copy/paste text message

This is an ideal sexting question if you haven’t been together yet. She will love that you fantasize about her and will reveal some private stuff about herself and her sexual desires.

Copy/paste text message

This is a bit too confidential, but if you have introduced sexting well, she will reply. And indeed, you will love sexting as desires will get out of hand…

Copy/paste text message

I also long for this; women love doing it in secret, so go on chatting about it and you’ll have a sexting like you’ve never had before…

Some advice for how to go on:

  • sext to him/her how horny you are
  • sext about what you would do with him/her
  • sext to him/her how desirable you think they are
  • sext to him/her what you would like them to do with you
  • talk dirty
  • send sexy pics of yourself to your partner
  • enjoy the situation and be spontaneous

Here is a great video about sexting:

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