Cute things to say to your girlfriend (#4 is hilarious) – 2017 list!

They are my favourites and I’m sharing them only because I would like other girls to be as happy as I was when I was told or sent them.

Please, do not use them by any means if your feelings are not real and do avoid them if you just want to fool a girl.

If you keep telling to your girlfriend ’I love you’, it will become a bit boring and sound empty after a while. That’s why I suggest that you should use these sentences to show how you feel and use ’I love you’ at very special and rare moments.

Keep making your girlfriend feel how important she is to you because if a woman doesn’t feel this, she starts to think of stupid things or make up stories which can poison the relationship… By means of these sentences you can prove your partner easily that you have serious feelings for her. If they were working with me, why wouldn’t they be working with your girlfriend as well?

And please remember,the sentences I’m giving to you are worth using only in the proper situations as they will hit the spot there and then.

So, here are my cute things to say to your girlfriend!​

Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Yes, there’s no greater compliment than you would always be with me. It’s a wonderful feeling that somebody loves being with you and enjoys your company. It’s very difficult to find that man with whom you can laugh at each other’s jokes and with whom you can live the moments without being a burden to each other. And in this case it’s the same if you are in heaven or hell…

This is a classical sentence, but there are women who (including me) like it. There are situations when there’s no need to over complicate a compliment. Just tell her what you think and feel at that moment. And what if this sentences comes to your mind? Then give it a go…

Most of the time if we love somebody, we not only love their charisma or appearance, but the personality itself. If you think of me as a good person, it makes me more confident and happier. We all need confirmation that there is a point in our existence in this world and if it is the person that we love who says this, there’s no bigger happiness than this.

Funny, humorous and really flattering. Do not even think of anybody else… ONLY OF ME!!! 🙂

Cute things to say to your girlfriend 
in a text message

There are sentences which are difficult to say but easier to send in messages. The disadvantage is that you miss the reaction, the effect. In spite of this, I understand that it’s not always easy to share these feelings.
If you are at the beginning of your relationship, it’s especially hard to tell it straight in the eye, so text messages are absolutely suitable for these compliments.

There may be just one thing that women love more than their own happiness. If they can see their partner by their side feeling happy. 🙂 This, as a matter of fact, means that they know something and their self-confidence grows with it.
If you are together with a girl and you keep feeling happy, tell it to her. Believe me, she will feel on top of the world.

This is a meaningful sentence. Send it to her only if you really mean it and not right after the second date because apart from the fact that you won’t achieve anything, you will become untrustworthy. So, if you think it seriously, send it to your girlfriend as it is striking, pretty flattering and will make her really contented.

I love making an effect on somebody, I like when I can make somebody a better person, I like taking the best out of someone. If it is like this, I can be very joyful…

Nice things to say to your girlfriend before bed

If you don’t live together with your girlfriend, it’s worth sending her a ’good night’ message before falling asleep. All the more that she won’t have a dream of someone else…

Although women of the 21 century are more and more self-conscious, they like to belong to somewhere and someone, and if you are Mr. Right, I might as well be yours.

Funny and romantic at the same time. When I got it, I fell asleep with this message on my mobile in my hand. It’s so good to feel that somebody loves you and he also shows it.

Romantic things to say to your girlfriend
in the morning

Again, if you don’t live together with your partner, a ’good morning’ message can make her day. Tiny little thing, but it can mean a lot to your girlfriend.

Yes, we love if someone is crazy for us. It’s such a great feeling that I am so important to somebody and he deals with me that much…

It can be a little bit confusing or misunderstanding as I don’t know whether you want a key to my apartment or you want to sleep with me, but, anyway, the point is that it feels so good…

Funny cute things to say
to your girlfriend

These sentences are working both in person and in messages, but if you use it in the given situation, they will hit the spot.

This message is good because suddenly nobody can count on how many is 86400 seconds (24 hours, actually), so when I got this message, being confused I kept asking how long he has really missed me? What I really like, however, is that it was not just a simple ’Miss you’ message…

Yes, it is an intimate thing but it proves everything. You can feel his love, his acceptance, his attraction. You know you are very important to your partner and that he loves you as you are.

These messages have different forms, but the point is at the end of it is that you express how beautiful you think I am. Yes, 90% of compliments are about this and no matter how simple we women seem to be, we can be charmed off our feet with such compliments.

Cute things to do to your girlfriend

I like to be told nice things about and if I feel that acts prove love and care, I think nothing can beat the feeling of a real relationship. Let alone I can bear the feeling more in mind I am important to somebody.

When your girlfriend is eating something sweet (which often happens with us, women), you can tell her this sentence in a nice and gentle way. It is nice and striking and develops her self-confidence. Every girl would be happy for it…

Open up all the windows when your girlfriend arrives and without saying ’hi’ to her, you just say:

It’s very funny and so good to feel that you show me how much you like me!

Develop a pic of your girlfriend and put it on the table or somewhere in the room it can be seen well. Next time when she comes, point to it saying this sentence:

If you buy a flower for your girlfriend, say this striking sentence to her:

Anyway, do not forget, every woman loves flowers, but the fact that you remembered me and brought me something also feels good.

Buy her 10 real roses and one plastic and when you give them to her, tell her this sentence:

Last pieces of advice

  • Remember, cute compliments are used in certain situations so try to apply them when the time has come as they are working most at that place and at that moment.
  • If the time hasn’t come for a sentence, do not force it because you will end up achieving exactly the opposite.
  • Do not feel nervous. If you really have the feelings, you can’t make anything wrong, your girlfriend will feel that she is really important to you.

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