Do girls like shy guys or not?!

Shyness by definition, can simply be put as the state of being reserved to oneself where opening up to others becomes very difficult. Not because you don`t want to but because there is that scary thought of not knowing how the next person will respond.

Shy men often feel like they don`t know how to express their feelings to the women or ladies that they approach. But the main problem is: how to approach women? Thus the question of what are their chances in finding love or getting to love the woman of their dreams.

First thing you should consider is why they are shy in the first place. Now, this ranges from all sorts of reasons from having a lot of issues going on in their minds to even plain boredom. The reason you`d want to find out why he is shy is because, for some reason he likes to keep his personal life very personal and it`s always advisable to be prepared for the worst if at all you want to open a can of worms.Having said that, most women love a man who is open like a book and outgoing. Someone who will show you when he is hurt or when he`s happy. They love a guy who will blatantly lay his feelings on the table. The reason is that women feel more connected to their men emotionally. And this is a really big factor that women consider. But it does not mean that the shy man will be left out. In some instances, this shyness has proved to be the ultimate aphrodisiac for some women. That need and urge to figure out someone who proves to be a hard nut to crack, more often than not, turns some women on. This is because,like any other human, we tend to be curious with things that we don`t understand. A woman who does`t understand why or what makes be an introvert will tend to be more curious to find out the reasons as to that.

introvertBeing shy men, they tend to talk less and listen more. And for this reason, they are every woman`s dream. Women will love someone who listens to everything they say be it making sense or not. And women rarely forget. So when they get a guy who remembers what kind of a day it was when they first kissed or what she was wearing the first time they met. She will be head over heels for him. This particular group of men tend to be the most honest of all. They mean what they say and they say what they mean. It`s rare to find a shy guy who is insincere. Confident men, no matter how much women love them, tend to use that character trait to their advantage. They will lie to you in your face and won`t even blink because they are so confident in themselves that they know you will believe in them and trust them.

Shy men don`t know how to hide things and worse, they don`t know how to lie and keep a straight face. For this reason, women find them a perfect match.More often than not, shy men are very smart, think outside the box and very good in decision making. This is because shy men tend to be very observant. They are in touch with what`s happening around them even though you`d think that they are not. They take time to analyse a situation or a problem before reacting to it. Confident men will want to show off and approach a particular situation head on, which often leaves a negative mark. The fact that they think outside the box means that they more often than not approach situations more rationally and in a natural way.

Finally, no woman does`t love to make her man blush for her every once in a while. And this makes shy men top on the list because they will tend to shy away from the lady whenever and however way possible. This makes women feel like they still have what it takes to make a guy blush. For this reasons, I`d say that yes, shy men stand a chance in loving the woman of their dreams. Their weaknesses turns out to be their best weapon.

Zoey Miller

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