How to Forget Someone

We’ve all felt the need to forget someone in our lives, whether we once loved them or hated them. Strong emotions about a person make it even harder to push them out of your thoughts, and banish the feelings you have about them from your heart.

To successfully forget someone, you need a little bit of willpower, a little bit of tough love (for them and yourself), and a lot of time. Here are some tried and true methods to help forget someone (we suggest doing them all).

Cut off all communication immediately

It sounds harsh, but constant comments, questions, or threats from someone will only lead to prolonged agony on your part. If you’re really through with the person, you’ll cut off all communication with them eventually, so spare yourself the drama and do it now.

Remove things that remind you of the person

This refers to physical things, like photos and clothing, to digital-world stuff like shared social media accounts, or even shared online friends. Take yourself out of those groups and block feeds from people that are connected to this person. You get bonus points if you stop going to places that remind you of the person, like favorite stores or restaurants.

Keep yourself busy

You can’t think about someone when your mind is focused on something or someone else. That doesn’t mean you should jump into a new romantic relationship, or immediately find a new best friend, but being around other people–as long as they aren’t talking about the person you are trying to forget–will keep your mind busy for chunks of time.

Shift your focus to accomplishments

Nothing feels better than reaching a goal and having a sense of accomplishment. Similar to keeping busy, shifting your focus to a new goal will leave you with less time to think about the person you want to forget. Set a goal to read 5 books in a month, or to jog two miles every day. To reach your goal, make a plan and a daily schedule. This will keep your mind off you-know-who and you’ll feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

Don’t punish yourself for remembering

Over the course of trying to forget someone, you will inevitably remember them. An easy way to “fall off the wagon” when you’re trying to forget someone is to get mad at yourself when you do remember them. Remind yourself that it’s normal to have memories and the emotions that come with them. Then, get past the moment. The more you beat yourself up about remembering someone, the harder it will be to forget them. Be on your own team and remind yourself that mistakes happen.

Take it as it comes

For some people, getting over someone and moving on is quick and easy. For most of us, it takes time. If the process is slow for you, don’t try to speed it up. Just stay the course. Keep yourself focused and resolute about your mission, but don’t force it. Soon enough, the day will come when you realize that you haven’t thought about that person in hours, days, weeks, and eventually, months.

Zoey Miller

Hey there, I'm Zoey, founder and the main editor of The Babble Out. I know nobody's life is smooth as they wish, and it’s the same with mine. I had some terrible news a few years ago and running was the way I got through these issues. This has given me enough motivation to create this blog, so that I can give you a helping hand for as many daily problems as I can. If you are curious why "babble out" is the​ name of the blog, then check the "About" page and find out more about me.