How to tell if a girl likes you (8+1 signs she likes you) – 2017 list!

I think you all agree that it is hard to find out what a girl wants… You never know whether „She’s speaking to me like this because she likes me or she just want me to get lost?” Who knows? Sometimes not even women themselves. 🙂

However, there’s a scientific research on this topic which helps you to understand what she thinks of you or wants from you. This is first and foremost based on body language and it can tell you roughly for sure whether she likes you or not. If you are chatting online and you can’t see her reactions and body language, you must focus on different revealing signs, but let’s just get on step-by-step.

Dr. Monica Moore , a psychologist at Webster University in St Louise has done a research on the topic and determined 8+1 forms of behavior and body language according to which it can be stated with high probability whether the girl is into you or not. 

So let's discuss, how to tell if a girl likes you?!​

Body language signs she likes you

1. Bulging of her boobs and turning them towards you

Yes, it’s a little bit erotic and doesn’t manifest in all cases but if you notice it, it means a determined and obvious sign to you. And, above all, she consider you as a man not as a friend.

My girlfriends often say that I use it, I don’t know but if they say, it must be like that.

Anyway, the position that her shoulders are in your direction and she doesn’t turn away means quite a strong sign of interest and that she takes you seriously. If she bulges her tits, she wants to impress you. It’s mostly used by women with boobs bigger than the average (no doubt why) and her aim is to charm you off your feet with her body.

2. She is playing with her hair

She not only fixes her hair once but she’s also throwing it from one side to the other while moving her neck, she is touching it, fixing her locks behind her ears. This is a very typical sign towards you that you have something to do with each other and it might as well means a kinda sexual sign if she uses flirting glance as well.

    hairplayI regularly use this trick and sometimes my girlfriends call me to stop it as it’s getting too provocative… ?

    If she is twisting a lock and playing with her hair, you can take your success granted. You can flirt with no hidden signs, and your compliments will be welcome.

    3. She looks right into your eyes for a longer while

    If she takes a strong and piercing look into your eyes and keeps the eye contact at least 3-5 seconds and suddenly she takes her eyes off you. She tries to say that she likes you and she just wants you to notice it.longerlook

    It’s quite a strong and obvious sign and she can’t wait to be touched or kissed by you.

    4. Flirting smile

    If the women is shy, she indicates her ’like’ with little smiles but in this case it’s a bit more difficult to find out if she is into you.

    Remember that women are also afraid of being refused so if they are shy or reserved, you might not have given obvious signs to her. If it happens, a little compliment (like you like her hairstyle) is enough to make her more self-confident.

      5. Direct or „by accident” touches

      If she touches your arm and pets you a bit or if you’re sitting talking and she touches you especially when you’re laughing at something, or she slaps your thigh or shoulder … well, you are the winner. These are all obvious signs of „I can’t wait to touch you and why aren’t you doing the same to me?”

      In most cases it happens after you’ve met a couple of times or you already know each other and you are on the same wavelenght. You can easily talk about anything, never run out of any topics and often have a laughter together. In these situations the girl wants to indicate that „I feel good with you and I want more than just making friends with you.” It’s not only men who are afraid of getting in the friend zone and then these signs obviously indicates the ’like’.

      She touches you „by accident” typically with her elbow and then she gets embarrassed and asks sorry immediately. However, you can tell that she did it on purpose and she felt really good to touch you. This often happens at the beginning of meeting each other and you can be sure that you’re on the right way.

      6. Loud laughter

      Yes, it is typically me. If I like a man, I do anything to grab his attention and it often results in giggling. This is the moment when the girl desperately wants to get attention and she laughs either with her girlfriends or at your jokes in a silly way. If you notice it, I must say that you could have made a step as these signs are so obvious that everyone can see them but you.

      7. Soft moves by the rhythm

      Hearing and using the music from the background, she starts to move softly either sitting or standing. The aim of her dance is charming you. She may as well get round to it while you’re talking with each other looking right into your eyes.

      I mainly use it in bars or clubs and it belongs to one of my favorite charming tricks. I’m dancing eroticly while I’m smiling flirting at the guy I like and want to charm off his feet and you guys I’m telling you it really works in most cases.

      8. Playing with her lips

      Biting, touching, playing with her lips are really provocative sexual signs often used when women are a bit tipsy. You may as well touch her this time (not anywhere, of course) and send obvious signs towards her. If the girl is refusing, she just wants to play a bit so don’t give it up, you’re the winner for her.

      +1. Looking around

      If she’s looking around in 5-10 seconds without making eye contact and she’s doing it quite frequently, she’s ready to flirt. She checks the place and the situation if anyone keeps watching her, checks who are around and if there’s anybody she likes.

      If you see someone behaving like this, just step up to her and take your chance as it’s pretty obvious that she’s there to find a man.

      How can you tell if a girl likes you through text messages?

      Immediate replies

      If she replies a lot quickly and immediately in text messages, it is an indication that she’s interested in you and you are important to her. You may think that it is not an obvious sign but I know about myself that men in my friend zone get more neglected reply much later. However, if I like the guy I reply a lot as quickly as I can, often asking back so that the conversation will go on and will last longer.

      Texting you something banal

      If she sends you something average or banal, like what has happened to her that day only with the reason to start a conversation with you, you can bet that she’s looking for your company. Most of the time the story begins with something like ’Just imagine what’s happened’. The story itself is often sad and forces you to feel sympathy with her and the only aim is that you focus on her and no one else.

      Smileys and emojis

      If she laughs at your jokes a lot and she is impressed by your sense of humor, she can turn to behave in a silly way, for example she stops in mid-sentence, gets embarrassed, refers to something or she can’t speak clearly. If she’s over-embarrassed, she might have fallen in love with you.

      Appearance signs a girl likes you

      • Conceited make-up with remarkable contours. It is the most typical indication when she uses significantly more make-up the second time you meet her in spite of the fact that she wasn’t wearing strong make-up for the first time you saw her.
      • She’s wearing much nicer and prettier clothes for the situation or for the event.
      • If she claims that the clothes she’s wearing are her favourite ones.
      • She’s wearing high-heels. Women in high-heels want to charm and make a conquest. Although it’s not sure for a 100%, most of the time high-heels are used to charm the men off their feet.

      100% sure signs she likes you:

      • She laughs at your weak jokes and you know that it wasn’t a hit. You may as well feel it’s a bit forced and she’s pretending

      Advice: Try to crack a „weak” joke and if she’s laughing, her ’like ratio’ is 100%!

      • She often touches you and petting you. If you don’t get into action, you might make her angry and she will think you don’t like her.
      • There’s nothing more obvious and simple sign of her like than jealousy. In this case there’s a kind of feeling, emotional attachment already developed. So if you haven’t noticed it: SHE LIKES YOU.

      Advice: Start to list a girl’s (who you both know) positive characteristics and if she reacts with jealousy, you’re on the right way. Be careful, do not overact it, it can scare her easily.

      • She lets on some really personal, confidential information. Be aware, if you get into the friend zone, you never know why she has shared it with you: only because she likes you or because you’re on intimate terms with each other.
      • She’s interested in your past, your childhood, wants to get to know you. Anybody can tell that she wants to know as much as she can about you, who you are, what personal characteristics you have. She’s not looking at her mobile or dealing with anything else just looking straight into your eyes, keeps listening to what you’re saying and replying with follow-up questions.
      • She would like to meet you to ask for your opinion on something personal or professional, which turns out to be not that important any more and a few minutes later you’re talking about something different…
      • She wants to introduce you to her girlfriends to ask what they think about you.

      These are obvious signs a girl likes you or maybe loves you!

      Very important

      Do not get into a girl’s friend zone as there’s no way back or out of there. If a girl considers you as a friend, you’re in big trouble. I don’t know how about other women but as for me, I have never fallen in love with any of my boy-friends. I can’t think of them as a man, I consider them different, somebody like a chatmate or so. I know men can’t even imagine that there’s friendship between a man and a woman but it doesn’t matter if we are on different opinion.

      All in all, if you’re considered as a friend, it’s out of the question that you’ll ever be able to get out of it at all. She doesn’t notice if you’re dressed to kill, doesn’t look at your butts, etc.

      How not to get into friend zone?

      In my experiences, chaps are trying to use tricks to get closer to girls so that they can be around them and later they will build up the courage to ask the girls if there’s any chance for developing something more than just friendship between them. However, I have bad news for you folks. This strategy won’t work. So my answer is: Do not make friends with girls. Chat them up, mess around with them instead. Give obvious signs to them that you consider them as women and show them that you are a man.

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