Best Nursing Bras for Large Cup Sizes in 2020

Your breasts will start changing just before your baby is born; they will become fuller and they will become sensitive to touch. This will continue through the nursing period. Granted, you will want maternity bras. For an average mum, the breasts may go between two to four cup sizes up. Finding the right nursing bra for your large cup size is easy once you have a handle on the basics; this guide helps you choose the best bra for you.




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Cake Lingerie High-Impact Nursing Bra


Bravado! Designs Essential Embrace


Anita Underwire 


Kindred Bravely Soft Terry Nursing Bra


Simple Wishes D-Lite Pump Bra

Why Nursing Bras?

Nursing bras are different from regular bras in a number of aspects. First off, the cups of nursing bras easily opens or unzips when pulled aside making them ideal for use when a mother is holding her baby with one hand. These bras are flexible and adjustable with four hook positions that easily adjusts the underband any time of the day.

These bras are designed with fuller cup shapes, wider straps and a deeper center thereby offering more support than regular bras while being easy on the sensitive breasts. Lastly, these bras are made of a breathable fabric that keeps the breast cool throughout the day.

Choosing the Right type of Nursing Bra for your Large Cup Size

When shopping for nursing bras for large cup sizes, it is imperative that one knows the specific type that will fit their needs. You can buy nursing bras for everyday use, for support, sleep bra, pumping bra, sports bra or feeding bra. Each of these bras come in a different design to enhance the function for which it is created.

Feeding bras are designed with retainer straps and drop clips to ensure they stay in position when a mother is feeding. They are created with a soft breathable fabric. Sleep bras are offered with nursing clips and cross over designs. They are meant to make sleeping comfortable when nursing. Sports bras are created to offer maximum support and enhance comfort when a mother heads out to the gym or for yoga sessions. A pump bra is for those who need to use a breast pump. It is relatively more expensive and a little bigger but it offers convenience when one is pumping.

Considerations When Buying a Nursing Bra for Large Cup Sizes

Knowing why you need a nursing bra will help you get the right one; is it for sleeping, sports, for comfort and support or for pumping? Establishing the need will help you choose based on:


As mentioned earlier, breasts get large and tender when a mother is nursing. Granted, the material of the bra needs to be soft and smooth, breathable and strong enough to support the large breasts. The bras will be padded for comfort. However, ensure that they do not feel bulky when worn as this can cause discomfort. For a bra to offer maximum support it needs to have non-stretchy but adjustable straps, it should fasten at the back with flaps in front for access. For very large cup sizes, bras with wide padded shoulder straps are ideal.

Bra Closures

Nursing bra flaps should close and close conveniently. The front flap, on a high number of nursing bras, will close at the top near the straps but others close near the cups. Some bras do not have flaps and instead the cups pull down for easy breast access. You need to choose the type that is more convenient for you.


Immediately after giving birth, the breasts will enlarge greatly but after a few months, they will reduce in size significantly. Therefore, you need bras that fit perfectly but are adjustable just in case the breasts reduce in size. Here, you need a bra with adjustable straps and a couple of hooks.

Style and Color

Most nursing bras are white in color but you can still find pretty one including textured, with prints, pinks and other different ones. Your tastes and preferences will determine what you buy (Source).

Reviews of the Best Nursing Bras for Large Cup Sizes

Cake Lingerie High-Impact Nursing Bra

This is a nursing bra for sports women with large cup sizes. It is created to offer maximum breast support to prevent bouncing. With its drop-down cups, the bra makes it easy to feed your baby. The bra sports a simple design crated with a highly breathable fabric. You can adjust the straps if the size of your breast fluctuates. It fits sizes 32B through 40L.


  • Maximum support for large cup sizes
  • Breathable fabric and really comfortable in hot climate and during exercise
  • Adjustable for enlarging or shrinking breasts


  • Relatively pricier

Bravado! Designs Essential Embrace

This is a good choice if you are shopping for a nursing bra for large cup sizes to wear every day. It is cup size M and created with a band size of up to 44 inches. The layer bonded fabric that is used to create the bra is breathable and strong enough for support. This means that the wearer will feel comfortable even during hot days and still get enough support. The large cups are smooth so as not to graze the tender breasts. Again, it is offered with bra extenders to cover fluctuating breast sizes.


  • Breathable fabric for comfort
  • Large adjustable size
  • Soft cups for additional comfort


  • Inaccurate band fit
  • Sizing chart not clear

Anita Underwire 

This is an underwired bra for nursing mothers. The bra is cup size H and fits band sizes up to 44 inches. It is created with soft cups that offer maximum support. Unlike other bra cups that will pull the breasts towards the arms, this pushes the breasts outwards. Though it is a large cup size bra, it can be worn under a t-shirt given that the cups are very smooth. It is offered in many colors. It is designed with hook and eye close mechanism and nursing clips to offer easy access. Its nylon-spandex fiber blend is breathable for added comfort.


  • Slip-free design
  • Easy to use one-hand nursing clasps
  • Snug hold throughout the day


  • Not padded and nipples may show under a t-shirt
  • Wires could be more flexible

Kindred Bravely Soft Terry Nursing Bra

For large busts and large cup sizes, this is a good support and sleep bra. It is unlike other nursing bras in that it does not have clasps, no hooks and no wires. Created from French Terry, this bra is soft enough to offer comfort and strong enough for maximum support. It is offered with an easy pull-aside design for when a mother is breastfeeding and a supportive chest band for added support. Even better, there are different sizes for different cup and band sizes.


  • Easy wear and easy use design
  • Ultra-soft yet highly supportive
  • Machine washable


  • No adjustable straps and thus mother has to get the size right
  • Not elastic and no underwire for fluctuating breast sizes

Simple Wishes D-Lite Pump Bra

True to its name, this bra is created to keep your hands free when using a breast pump but can also finds its use as a support and feeding bra. It is designed with a 10-inch adjustable back panel made of Velcro for a perfect fit. It is designed to work well with different breast pumps. With four-way layering support system, the bra offers great support and flexibility.


  • Designed to work with nearly all breast pumps
  • Offers versatility
  • Great value for money
  • Machine washable


  • Velcro material not durable
  • Strict return policy from Simple Wishes


Nursing bras come in different styles. Though there are lots of options for shopping bras, a keen mum will eventually get the right bra for her needs. Style and preferences are important but these only come after support, sizing and adjustability, breathability and durability.

Cake Lingerie High-Impact Nursing Bra is our bra of choice thanks to its versatility. The bra offers great support as a sports bra and still offers easy access as a feeding bra. Thanks to its simple and sturdy design, it also doubles as a sleeping bra. You will love its breathability, adjustability and its durable construction. Besides, it is machine washable.

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