Best Pacifier for Breastfed Baby in 2021

Being a mom involves making a ton of decisions and whether to or not to buy a pacifier is one of them. Pacifiers are so called because their function is to calm your baby. Your breastfed baby will get comfortable sucking on the pacifier and you will have time to do other tasks. Again, a pacifier will keep your baby off sucking its thumb. Here are the best pacifiers in the market today.




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MAM Glow-In-The-Dark Orthodontic Pacifier


Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier


The First Years Gumdrop Pacifiers


WubbaNub Infant Pacifier


FCTRY The Gentleman Moustache Pacifier

Best Pacifier for Breastfed Baby

MAM Glow-In-The-Dark Orthodontic Pacifier

MAM creates high quality pacifiers at a good price. The Glow-In-The-Dark Orthodontic Pacifier fits perfectly in the mouth of the baby. Its symmetrical orthodontic design makes it ideal for a teething baby and protects the jaw of the baby. To this end, it can be used by babies older than 6 months. The pacifier is designed for babies with sensitive skin; it has an open shield design that allows extra air flow to reduce moisture retention.

Offered with a SkinSoft silicone nipple that has a silky texture, the pacifier is easily accepted by most babies as it feels like a mom's teat. The shield has a textured surface with multiple opening for maximum air flow allowing the baby's skin to breath. It has hold buttons that make it easy to hold and to attach to pacifier clip.


  • Anti-slip surface makes sure that the pacifier holds onto the mouth of your baby
  • Glow in the dark build makes it easy to spot in the dark
  • Patterns finishes make it acceptable to the baby


  • Retains water and moisture after washing

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Avent Soothie Pacifier is designed for newborns up to 3 months. It is offered in one-piece design that makes it safe for babies below six months as it cannot choke them. The latex free pacifier is available in many sizes and parents have the privilege of choosing what is right for their baby.

The size and the shape of the pacifier mirrors a mother's nipple making it good to calm your baby. Designed in hospital grade silicone, the pacifier is soft and feels comfortable in your baby's mouth and lasts long enough, without chipping. The silicone is also bendy for more comfort. True to its name, the pacifier soothes the baby and when the baby is relaxing, it does not block the nose and keep him breathing fine.

Packaging may vary. These products are green in color and easy to spot at night. It is easy to wash and its construction is BPA free.


  • Great shape and size to fit into baby's mouth
  • Great price for its performance
  • One-piece anti-choke design


  • Relatively less durable

The First Years Gumdrop Pacifiers

This pacifier was designed for newborn babies up to three months. It is a popular product in hospitals worldwide which explains its popularity with mothers. The pacifier was designed to keep your baby's nose free. This is advantageous when your baby is resting as he or she can rest without being shielded by the pacifier. Due to the suck motion, most pacifiers interfere with the breathing of a baby. It is for this reason that most hospitals choose the Gumdrop pacifier.

The gumdrop is offered in a one-piece design. This makes it safe for your baby as you do not have to worry of choking parts. It is also brightly colored and easy to find in the dark. For safety, the Gumdrop is BPA free and offered in packs of five. If your child accepts this pacifier, it will be okay for you to stock up. It is created with latex free silicone and with strategically placed air holes to ensure your baby is comfortable and to prevent development of rashes on the skin. Their contoured design makes them ideal for newborns up to three months.


  • Bright color makes them ideal for use in the dark
  • Great value for their money


  • Only children below three months can use

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

WubbaNub produces pacifier designs that entice the baby. It is offered with a plush toy animal attached to its mouthpiece. This keeps the baby occupied and soothes it. There are other stuffed animal toys including monkeys, dogs, elephants and penguins. This gives the mom enough design choices, which keep the baby distracted for a long period and allow the mother to do other house chores.

The one-piece design of the pacifier makes it safe. It is created with hospital grade polyethylene, a material certified to be non-toxic. This material is also latex-free and as such babies with latex allergies are covered. The pacifier can only be used by babies who are yet to teeth; immediately your baby starts teething, get another brand.


  • Toy keeps the baby occupied for longer periods
  • Toy makes the toy easier to find in case it gets lost


  • Toy needs to be washed with the pacifier; it can be difficult to sterilize
  • Relatively pricier

FCTRY The Gentleman Moustache Pacifier

This pacifier looks awesome on little boys; makes them look like young gentlemen. True to its name, the pacifier is offered with a moustache design. It is created for babies between 0 to six months. Its size and its shape makes it fit perfectly into the mouths of babies this young and feel comfortable. The moustache is made of food-grade TPE, this is the same material that is used to create baby teethers.

The pacifier, which sports an orthodontic shape, is made of soft silicone which naturally looks like a teat. Its snap on design makes it easy to use. The pacifier shield is forged from firm plastic which has holes for ventilation; this ensures that moisture is not trapped and the pacifier does not cause rashes.


  • Orthodontic shape fits in a baby's mouth perfectly
  • It looks good on boys


  • Nipple can be detached from pacifier body; this may cause choking

When is the right time to use a pacifier?

Pacifiers have advantages and disadvantages as well. While they calm the baby and keep it from thumb sucking when the mum cannot produce milk or is preoccupied in other tasks, these little equipment have seen dentists worrying of teeth misalignment and they lower a mother's milk production. Nevertheless, from the point of view of mom's who have used them, they come in handy.

A couple of indicators show your baby is ready to start using a pacifier. They include:

  • The baby has gained significant weight based on age
  • Sucks and empty milk bottle for prolonged periods
  • Starts sucking his or her thumb
  • Enjoys sucking the mom's breast even after he has been fed
  • Starts sucking pillows and toys and anything he holds

How to Choose a Pacifier

Shopping for the Right Pacifier

There are different types of pacifiers and even hundreds of brands of the same pacifier type. This makes it overwhelming, especially for a new mom, to choose the right pacifier for your baby. The trick to buying the best is reading all labels and specifications of the pacifier to ensure you get the right one based on the age and the stage of your baby. You also need to understand the material content of the paci so as to avoid harmful substances such as BPA.


When shopping, at all costs, avoid pacifiers, or even bottles and nipples, with BPA. Choose an item with a strong material, such as silicone, which can withstand biting for a long time and does not easily chip to a point of causing the baby to choke.


You would not want your baby to suck on a hard object for a period of more than a minute. When shopping, choose pacifiers that are soft and tender but are still strong. The pacifier should also be bendy as most babies prefer the bendy types.


Look for a pacifier that is easy to use and one that a baby can comfortably hold on their mouth without slipping when they attain that age. The design should allow you or the baby to grab the pacifier by its sides with ease.


You will be washing your pacifier every other time. Not only washable but also something that you can toss into the dishwasher and you can sanitize with ease.

Using a Pacifier

Like any other baby item, a pacifier needs a lot of care. First off, ensure that you sanitize it regularly and you do not allow sharing. This will keep your baby off some common baby diseases. When sleeping, ensure that you have removed any attachments on the pacifier for baby safety. Avoid weaning the baby of the pacifier during a major baby milestone.


MAM Glow-In-The-Dark Orthodontic Pacifier is the winner of this roundup, and for a good reason. The simple design of the pacifier makes it ideal for newborns and for babies who have started teething. Like any other MAM baby product, it is offered at a great price which makes it affordable. The design of the nipple mirrors a mom's nipple with a silky texture and this makes the baby latch on. The reason why this pacifier is available in many hospitals is that it allows free air flow and is ideal for babies with a sensitive skin. Its glow while in the dark makes it a good choice for use at night.

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