Best Slow Flow Nipple in 2021

The nipple is the most crucial part of a baby bottle. Slow flow nipples are so designed to reduce the flow of milk and consequently reduce gas bubbles. They are suited for preemies and newborns who cannot suck effectively and instead end up swallowing a lot of gases.




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Enfamil Slow Flow Nipple


Philips AVENT BPA Slow Flow Nipple


Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave Slow Flow Nipple


Playtex NaturaLatch Slow Flow Nipple


MAM Slow Flow Nipple

5 Best Slow Flow Nipple - Product Reviews

Enfamil Slow Flow Nipple

The Enfamil nipple is created for newborns and babies below one year. It comes with a sleek and ergonomic design that gives it an edge over other nipples. This latex-free nipple comes ready to use out of the box. It is wrapped and vented allowing air to flow freely when the baby is sucking; this reduces chances of the baby swallowing gases.

It is designed to fit a wide variety of bottle sizes, mostly classic or standard sized bottle openings. The tip of the nipple comes with a close cut that allows milk to drip slowly out of the bottle. This cross cut also accommodates older babies as it opens up with the sucking of the baby. Ergo, the bottle is versatile.


  • Versatile; can be used for newborns as well as older babies
  • Fits on most bottle openings
  • Latex free – hypoallergenic
  • Soft build is easy on the baby


  • Cross cut opening on nipples widens with use and nipple loses slow flow

Philips AVENT BPA Slow Flow Nipple

This is a wide nipple for mothers who need to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It is designed with a breast shape with exceptional petals to make it softer and more flexible. These petals are also responsible for maintaining the shape of the nipple so that it does not collapse. Seeing that it has a breast shape, the nipple allows the baby to move their tongue just as they would when suckling naturally.

It is offered with two holes for a slow flow and is ideal for babies at least 1-month old. This natural nipple sports two anti-colic valves that release air bubbles back into the bottle rather than into your baby's mouth; this makes sucking more comfortable. The nipples are created from soft and long lasting silicone which is flavorless and odorless. Even better, the nipple is latex free making it hypoallergenic.


  • Soft and long lasting
  • Offered with anti-colic valves for comfortable feeding
  • Shape mirrors a real breast nipple


  • Nipple can be big for newborns causing discomfort
  • Silicone material is affected by water, turns cloudy

Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave Slow Flow Nipple

For a baby who has already started breastfeeding, this is a good choice. According to the manufacturer, the Momma NaturalWave has been proven to minimize nipple confusion; it allows the baby to exercise the same sucking actions that are learned during natural breast feeding to an enhanced transition. It is designed with Air Ventilation System (AVS) which reduces the chances of the bay swallowing gases and reduces colic. The nipple is created to match the Lansinoh's breast pumps, both manual and electric.

Momma NaturalWave is made of 100 percent silicone. It is BPA, BPS, and latex free and therefore safe for the baby. It comes in two-count.


  • Soft and highly durable silicone construction
  • Medium design fits on openings of many bottle brands
  • Offers a smooth transition from the breastfeeding to bottle feeding
  • AVS system greatly reduce colic


  • The nipple openings tend to enlarge with time

Playtex NaturaLatch Slow Flow Nipple

The Playtex NaturaLatch slow-flow nipple is created to mimic a mother's breast. The tip of the breast is textured encouraging the baby to latch on. It sports a standard surface area and offered with an average size not only to match a mom's nipple but also to fit on many Playtex bottles. However, the nipple is created to be used with Playtex's drop-ins system. This system is created to offer bottle feeding that feels like breastfeeding and reduce gas and colic.

The nipple is offered in two count; this means that you can prepare two bottles at one. The BPA-free nipple is created soft to enhance baby's comfort. Its shape and its size allow it to be used by babies from one month old.


  • Ergonomic size to feel like a breast nipple and accommodate different baby ages
  • Great value for money
  • Textured and allows baby to latch on


  • Not compatible with many baby bottles
  • Needs to be combined with Playtex drop-ins for anti-colic property

MAM Slow Flow Nipple

MAM, like its name suggests, is designed to look and feel like a mom's breast nipple. This is offered with a flat shape that enhances its appearance and lets it fit perfectly in the mouth of babies. Switching from breast feeding to bottle feeding is made easy by use of this nipple. The orthodontic nipple sports a soft silicone making it comfortable and encouraging the baby to exercise natural sucking. Silicone is a durable material and lasts long even for teething babies. It is BPA and BPS free for safety.
The nipple is created compatible with MAM anti-colic bottles and other bottles with anti-colic valves. Created with a SkinSoft design, the nipple enhances comfort when the baby is sucking.


  • SkinSoft textured design encourages the baby to suck naturally
  • Flat design lets it fit into baby's mouth
  • BPA, BPS and Latex free


  • Flow is relatively fast for a slow flow nipple
  • Soft silicone relatively less durable

Choosing the Best Slow Flow Nipples

Seeing that nipples determine the effectiveness of your baby's feeding, it is imperative that you choose the best. When shopping, it is easy to concentrate on the bottle so much and end up forgetting the nipple.

Consider the following factors when shopping

Nipple Material

Nipples are created from silicone or latex. Latex nipples are soft and easy on the lips of your baby. They are also flexible and will work well with a baby who feeds while moving. However, latex nipples are relatively less durable and you may need to replace them often especially after the baby starts teething. Again, some babies are allergic to latex. Silicone nipples, on the other hand, are firmer and will keep their shape for long. You can buy latex nipples, if your baby is not allergic to them, during the first few months and then switch to silicone nipples as the baby progresses.

Shape of the Nipple

Conventional nipples are designed like a bell, or with a dome shape. Orthodontic nipples, however, are designed to match the needs of your baby and as such they have a bulb that lays flat on the side resting on your baby's tongue and accommodating its palate and gums. Nowadays, there are also flat-topped and wide nipples designed to feel like a mom's breast. Choose the latter if you need to alternate between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Size and Flow

Nipples are offered in different sizes and flow rates. While you would think it is easy to choose a slow flow nipple, sometimes you will be lost between the slowest flow and medium flow nipples. Slow flow nipples are rated stage 1 and they are for newborns. This may not be the grading on all nipple brands. Granted, you need to be keen to choose the slowest nipple. Most brands will mark their nipples with size and recommended age; this way, you will find it easy to buy.

Disposable Nipples

These are nipples only used once and then discarded. They come handy when you are traveling. The nipples are prepackaged and ready to use from the box. Better still, they are sterilized. You will, however, need to throw them away once you are done using them.

From a slow flow nipple, the milk should drip very slowly. If this does not happen, it is either you have the wrong nipple flow or the nipple hole has cracked.

Handling Slow Flow Nipples

Except disposable nipples, other nipples have a shelf life. Though some nipples, especially those made of silicone will last for more than two months, it is advisable to discard the nipple after two months of use. The pressure placed on the nipples will distort their shape and make them develop holes and cracks. Again, constant washing will affect their shape, look and performance. When you replace the nipple, you maintain its original flow. Flakes with a chipping bottle may choke your baby.

Like any other baby item, nipples should be washed immediately after use to avoid build-up of milk on the crevices of the nipple.


The slow flow nipple you choose should offer convenience when the baby is sucking. Thereby, it should match the needs of the baby based on the baby's age and size. Enfamil Slow Flow Nipple stands as the top nipple on our list. Thanks to its size (which fits on most bottles and in the mouths of babies of different ages), its durable but soft silicone construction, its versatility (the cross cut accommodates older babies besides newborns) and its competitive price.

While one slow flow nipple may fit the needs of your friend’s baby, it is not a guarantee that it will be a good fit for your baby; babies have different needs.

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