Best Nootropics for Focus in 2020

Virtually anyone can benefit from a greater ability to focus. In this article, we will look at 5 nootropic supplements that can increase your concentration:

What Are Nootropics, and How Can They Help Me?

The Benefits of Nootropics


"Nootropic" can refer to any compound that is consumed for its beneficial effects on the brain (source). Such a compound could be a vitamin, mineral, plant extract, plant chemical, amino acid, fatty acid, or something else entirely. Nootropics can boost your performance in school, career, social interactions, and even just day-to-day life. Depending on the specific nootropic, it may improve your memory, cognition, motivation, concentration, mood, or energy.

Are Nootropics Legal?

Some chemicals that can be described as nootropics are prescription-only drugs. Using someone else's prescription is, of course, illegal. However, there are plenty of effective over-the-counter nootropics that anyone can use.

How Do I Know Which Ingredients Are Effective?

Some nootropics have more scientific support than others. It's a good idea to do your own research about an individual nootropic ingredient. A great resource for learning about the real science behind different nootropic supplements is Examine.Com, an unbiased and reliable source of supplement information. You can enter the name of a nootropic in the search bar to find its page, where you'll see the scientific information summed up in a way that's easier to understand than reading the original research papers.

Zhou Nutrition Neuro-Peak

The Neuro-Peak supplement from Zhou Nutrition features vitamin b12, phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola rosea, and DMAE. This blend is meant to promote oxygen usage in the brain, promote neurotransmitter balance, and protect brain cells. Neuro-Peak is a good choice if your lack of focus is due to fatigue or stress.


  • Provides a good blend of botanical, nutrient, and brain molecule ingredients.
  • Its ingredients have fatigue-fighting properties.
  • It will help reduce stress on your body and mind.


  • It contains gelatin, an animal product.
  • It contains rice flour, a potential allergen.
  • The dose of Rhodiola rosea could be higher.

E3Live BrainON

E3Live BrainON contains several essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a couple of neuroprotective compounds: Phenylethylamine, which is an important molecule for neurotransmitter balance, and phycocyanin, which is has neuroprotective properties (source). This is a good pick if you want to increase focus while preserving brain health in the long term.


  • Contains no additives, preservatives, or fillers.
  • Contains a wide variety of nutrients that can support heightened focus as well as overall health.
  • May boost your mood and motivation.


  • Not all of the ingredients have been studied specifically for their effect on focus and concentration.
  • Lacks some of the potent plant extracts found in other formulas.
  • You might not be able to use it if pregnant or breastfeeding.

VitaEdge Nutrition Brain Synergy

VitaEdge Nutrition's Brain Synergy contains a decent blend of brain molecules, plant extracts, amino acids, and fatty acids. Brain Synergy is good for boosting your concentration while improving learning and reducing stress, which makes it great for students.


  • It can help increase levels of neurotransmitters associated with motivation.
  • Brain Synergy is attention-boosting without being overly stimulatory. In fact, it can promote relaxation.
  • This product is well-formulated.
  • This product contains no GMO's.


  • It contains animal products.
  • It may contain some caffeine due to the green tea extract, which isn't inherently harmful but some people may not like this.

Vitakore Neuro Plus Brain Formula

The Vitakore Neuro Plus Brain Formula offers one of the longest and most varied ingredients lists you can find in a nootropic. It provides a huge number of essential vitamins and minerals, nootropic plant extracts, and neuro-boosting chemical compounds. Try this one if you want a potent and varied formula with an extra emphasis on brain nutrition.


  • Neuro Plus Brain Formula provides excellent nutrition.
  • It contains nootropic botanicals like green tea, bacopin, bilberry, grape seed, grapefruit seed, olive leaf, cinnamon bark, and licorice root.
  • The amino acids and fatty acids will boost brain circulation and protect your brain cells.


  • It is not known to be free of animal products.
  • Because of the zinc content, it could cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

Green Guru Nutrition Mind HD

The Mind HD supplement blend from Green Guru Nutrition contains several botanical nootropics: Green tea, rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, American ginseng, and Panax ginseng. It also provides a couple of vitamins, b6 and b12. Mind HD is a good nootropic to try if you favor traditional herbal medicines that are powerful stress-reducers and energy boosters.


  • The herbs in Mind HD are amazing for fighting fatigue.
  • This supplement may boost your immune system.
  • The ginseng in it will improve blood flow to your brain.


  • It contains 150 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee. It may cause insomnia if taken too late in the day.

And the Winner Is...

These are all great nootropic supplements. However, the best and most versatile out of these five is Vitakore Neuro Plus Brain Formula. Its variety of ingredients can't be beat, and it's great that it has a blend of essential nutrients, beneficial plant extracts, and brain-boosting chemical compounds. Neuro Plus Brain Formula gives your brain all the "food" that it needs for excellent function.

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