Best Olive Oil Sprayer (Mister) in 2020

Olive oil could be considered a diverse kitchen food because it works well for cooking and flavoring your favorite dishes. The health benefits of olive oil include reducing bad cholesterol and lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Using an oil mister to include olive oil in your diet could be healthier and more economical than using store-bought cooking sprays.




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The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister Air Pressure Only Clog-Free Sprayer


Evo Kitchen and Grill Olive Oil and Cooking Oil Trigger Sprayer Bottle


Olive Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set by Cookisy for Portion Control Cooking and Baking


Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers,Replaces Salad Dressing Bottles


 KELLM two type nozzle olive Oil Sprayer,Kitchen and Grill Oil Sprayer Bottle

Choosing the best olive oil sprayer can be difficult if you have not taken the time to learn what differentiates the options that are available. You may even question why you should purchase an olive oil sprayer, but there are some advantages.

5 Best Olive Oil Sprayer

The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister Air Pressure Only Clog-Free Sprayer

The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister is a non-aerosol mister and sprayer, which can help protect your cookware. When the top of the sprayer is pumped 7-10 times, enough pressure builds up so you can spray your pans or food. Not to mention, you won't be using a spray that has added chemicals like those purchased at the store. This product is made from FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic, which could be great for someone who doesn't want to take the chance of accidentally breaking a glass sprayer.


  • Maximum fill line is boldly marked and easy to see.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic.


  • Might spray inconsistently.
  • Could be difficult to clean.

Evo Kitchen and Grill Olive Oil and Cooking Oil Trigger Sprayer Bottle

Preparing healthy meals could be much easier with the Evo Kitchen and Grill Olive Oil Trigger Sprayer Bottle. It is more economical than purchasing cans that have harmful chemicals and propellants. A nice feature of this oil sprayer is that it is easy to refill with the included funnel. Using the funnel will keep your counter cleaner than trying to fill the sprayer straight from an olive oil bottle. A consistent 1.35-millileters per-trigger pull is helpful if you are trying to use less oil. This sprayer has a natural ergonomic feel with a place for your fingers to grip.


  • 18-ounce capacity means you refill less often.
  • Fan pattern covers more surface.


  • Large fan of oil could cause overspray.

Olive Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set by Cookisy for Portion Control Cooking and Baking

A pair of brushed stainless steel sprayers could look nice on your table and are easy to use. Since this set comes with two sprayers, it could be helpful to use one sprayer for prepping pans near the stove and the other at the kitchen table to add flavor to food. The dishwasher-safe silicone funnel is a nice addition for filling the bottles. The sprayer has a capacity of 80 milliliters and could work well for someone who is concerned with their diet or weight management.


  • Attractive design.
  • Rust resistant and dishwasher safe.


  • Might be more of a stream than a spray.

Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers, Replaces Salad Dressing Bottles

If you are looking for an olive oil sprayer because you prefer to eat salads, then this might be the sprayer for you. In addition to the olive oil sprayer, a vinegar dispenser is included as well. The oil and vinegar bottles are labeled, which is great for someone who likes an organized kitchen. A 100% life time guarantee is a nice feature for anyone who is worried about purchasing an oil sprayer.


  • Matching oil and vinegar bottles.
  • Delivers an even spray.


  • On the smaller side for capacity.
  • Breakable since they have glass on them.

KELLM two type nozzle olive Oil Sprayer, Kitchen and Grill Oil Sprayer Bottle

If you have smaller hands or enjoy cooking with children, this might be the olive oil sprayer for you. Since the bottle is on the smaller side, it can easily be stored, but it still accommodates 8-ounces. It consistently dispenses 1.35-millileters per trigger-pull and because the bottle is colored, you can easily identify the contents. Another nice feature is that the bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe, which is nice for those who may not have the energy to wash dishes.


  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Won't shatter.


  • Could cause overspray on smaller pans.

What are the Advantages of an Olive Oil Sprayer?


First off, a mister could be considered more convenient than pouring oil from a bottle, especially if you are preparing to cook in a pan. A mist could evenly coat the pan to help preserve a nonstick surface.
Additionally, misted olive oil could be used to season foods like kale or salad. Adding a spray of olive oil, a bit of vinegar, salt, and pepper is one way to make a healthy homemade salad dressing with none of the added chemicals found in a store-bought bottle.


Furthermore, it could be more economical to use olive oil rather than an aerosol spray. Since you are only buying the olive oil to fill up a sprayer, it should save you money over time. Once you purchase a container of olive oil, it can be used to fill up an olive oil sprayer multiple times. Also, less oil is used when it is sprayed on a pan instead of drizzled.


An olive oil sprayer can help you control the amount of oil added to your food so there won't be large and uncontrollable drizzles of oil all over your meal. Not to mention, an olive oil mister might be a helpful way to control portion sizes and not use too much oil.

Things to Look for in an Olive Oil Sprayer

Consistent Spray Pattern

A consistent spray pattern might be helpful so you don't end up with blobs of olive oil on your skillet or in your food. There are two spray types that are commonly offered. The first is a trigger-pull sprayer and the other is a pressure-pump cap sprayer. Keep in mind that an anti-clog mechanism included on some sprayers could help them stay cleaner.


If you use olive oil often, then a mister with a larger capacity could be the best choice for your needs. A larger capacity could also keep you from having to re-fill the bottle too often.


Most sprayers are made from BPA-free plastic, while others are made from glass. You may want to consider whether the sprayer is dishwasher safe. If you plan to keep your olive oil sprayer out on the table then you might want to consider the appearance of the sprayer.


Though all of these olive oil sprayers could be helpful in the kitchen, the best olive oil sprayer is The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister Air Pressure Only Clog-Free Sprayer. This sprayer is visually appealing and will get the job done. Although the capacity is less than some of the other choices at five ounces, users will appreciate the no-clog system. This sprayer provides the convenience and control that is helpful to have with an olive oil sprayer. 

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