The Best Stress Balls in 2020

Do you ever get the feeling of distress, anxiety or soreness? If that is the case then, perhaps you could consider having a stress ball as a remedy for distress. This article gives you an account of the best stress balls that you might consider. They include:




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Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit


Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball


HandTherapy PRO Stress Ball


HandStands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball


Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls

Why Do You Need a Stress Ball?

When the body experiences stress either physically or psychologically, it produces hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol. These hormones are meant to provide the body with energy to fend off the causes of the stress. Lack of a place to direct that energy might be a health risk. Therefore, physical release such as squeezing a stress ball may help you let off some of the stress energy.

The clenching and releasing of a stress ball in your palm can help you chill out. Stress balls are quick fix stress relievers that will come to your rescue before you consider long term stress relievers like exercise.

What are the Advantages of Stress Balls?

• Releasing tension: when you get stressed out, the body tightens up. The rapid movements of clenching and releasing a stress ball help to release the tension.

• Nerve stimulation: as you manipulate the stress ball, you stimulate the nerves in your hands. These nerves are connected to the limbic system which handles emotions. The stimulation of one area leads to the stimulation of the other nerves within your body hence allowing you to release the unhealthy emotions.

• They divert your attention: when you focus on the stress ball, you tend to stop thinking about your stressor.

• Mood enhancement: the manipulation of a stress ball leads to a stimulation of the brain to produce endorphins. These emotions act as pain relievers or sedatives which lighten your mood.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Stress Ball?

Stress balls come in different types meant for different purposes. If you follow these factors, you will be able to get a quality stress ball.


Stress balls are used for physical therapy, rehabilitation, treatment, developing muscle memory, managing arthritis or stroke, improving blood circulation and enhancing finger or wrist strength. Therefore, find out the one that best suits your condition. You can seek help from a medical practitioner.

Ease of Use

Conventional balls may have less grip and are also hard to maneuver. Therefore, consider flexibility, comfort, convenience, functionality and grip of a stress ball. Also, make sure to check for the right level of resistance of the ball.


Stress balls come in both generic and customized forms. Regular ones are cheaper and readily available. The customized ones are usually for corporate branding. They may also take a longer time to design due to the formalities surrounding their acquisition. The design also affects the durability of the stress ball. Therefore, consider durable materials such as Lycra.

Disadvantages of Stress Balls

Stress balls are not a permanent solution. They only work at the time when you need to release tension. In addition to that, a wrong choice of a stress ball can aggravate finger or wrist injuries. This is common during the use of stress balls for rehabilitating muscles or arthritic hands.

The Best Stress Balls

To ensure that you have the right stress balls, here are five great products to start with.

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit come in a set of three colorful balls. They are quite useful for training your hands, fingers, and forearms. They feature a unique design which has a massive impact on their functionality. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit stress balls are made of pliable rubber in an oval design measuring 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches. Therefore, they fit every member of the family comfortably. The three color coded balls are pleasing enough for color therapy and stress relief.


  • Great tools for relieving stress, joint pain, tension, and limberness.
  • Since they are rubber-made, they have a remarkable grip strength.
  • They come in three designs with different firmness and colors for a continuous training of muscles and stress relief.
  • They are durable.


  • Some customers might find the colors of the balls a bit too bright for a public setting.
  • Can feel a bit gummy or sticky.
  • The rubber material collects matter such as sand and lint when dropped.

HandStands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball

Handstands stress ball is popular because of its ergonomic round design. It offers unlimited squeezing, thanks to its moderate level of resistance. Handstands also features a non-toxic gel fill in its core, hence it is safe for homes with children. Finally, it is available in a variety of colors.


  • It smells great.
  • Made of a high quality and durable fabric.
  • Has a gel inside that holds up better than regular foam or sand.


  • Some users find it rather stiff.

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Serenilite is a great stress ball to consider particularly for joint and muscle strengthening. It offers both physical and color therapy based on its remarkable texture/resistance and fantastic color range. In addition to that, this ball comes in an extremely durable material and a tear-resistant inner gel. These features allow it to regain shape after a stress relieving session. To ensure users interact with it appropriately, Serenilite comes with a hand guide as a well as PDF instructions for use.


  • It is made up of a sturdy outer material and a strong inner gel making it very durable.
  • The outside stitching is smooth to the touch.
  • It has an adequate level of resistance; thus, it can work for a variety of hand problems.
  • It’s quite bouncy and squishy.


  • Some customers have complained that the ball is too small for their hands.

HandTherapy PRO Stress Ball

HandTherapy PRO is a great stress ball for strengthening your fingers, hands, and wrists. It is popular in the market due to its durable outer construction made of Lycra. The texture is non-sticky, unlike the foam stress balls. Also, it comes with a gel at its core that is highly resistant to tear. HandTherapy PRO measures 5.5 centimeters in diameter. Therefore, it fits most hands with great ease and comfort. Once you purchase it, you are rewarded with a lifetime money back guarantee.


  • The ball has a high conformability and resistance.
  • It comes in an ergonomic Lycra material which is extremely durable.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • It feels too girl considering its price.
  • Pricier than its premium competitors.
  • Less squishy than expected.

Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls

Dimples Excel Squeeze stress balls have remarkable aesthetics. They are very functional because they come in a set of three with varying resistance. That ensures that there is something for everyone’s needs. They feature an egg-shaped design measuring 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches. To improve the grip, their outer layer is textured with thermoplastic rubber. This feature also ensures that they maintain their shape for long-term use. Dimples Excel offers their customers with a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Great grip strength.
  • Varying resistance makes it cut across various customer needs.


  • Gets sticky due to the rubber material.
  • Has a chemical rubber odor.
  • Too small for some hands.

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit wins in this category due to its ergonomic design. Some of its flagship features include adequate grip, resistance, durability. They are also well-priced for their premium features. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit is an excellent tool for progressive muscle training and stress relief. Their varying degree of firmness make them suitable for the whole family use.

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