Best Condoms For Anal Sex (2020 Review)

Anal sex aficionados know the pleasure that comes with the territory, such as heightened sensitivity, prostate stimulation (for men who receive) and a tighter experience (for men who are on the giving end). Like any sexual activity, protection must be considered, and certain condoms are better suited for anal activity. The following condoms are all tested and reviewed:




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Kimono Micro Thin Condoms


LifeStyles SKYN Condoms


Okamoto BEYOND SEVEN Condoms


FC2 Female Condom


Caution Wear Condoms

Best Condoms For Anal Sex - Reviews

The following products have been tested and enjoyed by many anal sex aficionados.

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Ultra smooth, thin, and very stretchy. This is a versatile condom. It is well suited for larger penises, but the ring on the base could be uncomfortable for those with more girth. This brand has a little extra headroom for those who are uncut, or have a slightly larger head. Kimono brand is also known for their commitment to safety, so this is a great brand when considering the risks of contracting STDs. The downside is that the lube is water-based, so reapplication may be more frequent.

LifeStyles SKYN Condoms 

This condom is made from polyisoprene, which is good for those with latex allergies. It is one of the most popular non latex condoms on the market, and for good reason. It feels so soft it is barely noticeable. Even though this condom is less expensive than others, it felt durable and strong. The reservoir tip is well designed to not protrude too much. The downside is that since this isn't latex, do not use oil-based lubrication as it breaks down the condom and increases risk of rips and tears.

Okamoto BEYOND SEVEN Condoms

What makes Beyond Seven special is the lube, about four times more than the average condom. Also, the lube is enriched with aloe, which moisturizes as it works, adding to the pleasure of both parties but is generally more appreciated by women. They are also a better value than most other condoms. One downside is the lubricant tends to stick to the top of the condom when removing it from the wrapper, so extra care was needed to get the shaft lubricated. But a great ride for both of us.

FC2 Female Condom

Despite the name, this condom can be used by either gender during anal sex. It is made of nitrile, so oil-based lubes are safe (such as coconut oil). A big advantage is that since this condom is inserted into the anus, the penis is free from having to wear a condom. This is a benefit for penises that are too large or too small to wear condoms comfortably. Although keep in mind, even without a condom the penis must still be lubricated well for anal sex. The big negative with the FC2 is that it has to be inserted, which takes practice and may ruin the mood if it takes too long. That said, it can be inserted in advance of sex by up to a few hours.

Caution Wear Condoms

Not actually black! This condom is transparent, more so than most condoms, so you are able to watch your penis glide in and out clearer than in any other condom. It has a slight odor but it is tasteless. The combination of the condom being super thin and the lube being extra thick makes for an easier and more pleasurable experience for both parties.

Understanding Anal Sex and Condoms

What's the best way to prepare for anal sex?

Patience. Communication. Lube. If you have plenty of all three, your experience can be very pleasurable for both parties. 

Are there any risks of anal sex?

Yes, anal sex can be risky. Without patience and lubrication, it can be painful. Without proper lube it can cause tearing, and since the anus has a primary purpose of removing waste, those tears can lead to infection. Also, fecal matter can transfer to the penis, causing an infection there as well. That said, with condoms anal sex can be safe, fun and extremely pleasurable. 

Can any condom be used for anal sex?

Not every condom works well for anal sex. The anus does not lubricate naturally so if the condom is not lubricated, extra lube will be needed (and when it comes to anal sex, extra lube is always helpful). Also, textured condoms might be pleasurable to a vagina, but can be painful to the anus. And thinner condoms are better for anal sex. And did I mention lube?

So lube is important?

Very important. A silicone-based lube is probably best. Water-based lubes don't last very long (as the anus absorbs water) and oil-based lubes can break or wear down a latex condom. And the lube should be thicker so it last longer, which means you will need to reapply less frequently.


After strenuous testing, the hands down favorite condom for anal sex is the Kimono Micro Thin. It is versatile, comfortable, and very stretchy. Both of us really enjoyed the feeling of wearing a Kimono Micro Thin (as long as the lube was present). Also, being thin led to more pleasure and an almost skin to skin feeling. Kimono Micro Thin feels safe, because Kimono brand focuses on safety. Pleasure, safety and fun is a great combination when enjoying anal sex. And don't forget the lube!

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