Best Sex Positions (GUIDE)

Most of us enjoy sex, but we don’t always know how to do it with lots of variety or imagination. Missionary style is great, but there are all kinds of other positions even more enjoyable and creative. Whether you have a partner or not, we’re going to explore how to have fun in between the sheets and even how to talk sexy without feeling silly.

Arranging Your Body in New and Fun Ways

There are some basic sex positions almost everyone is familiar with, like Missionary, but there are all kinds of other ways to arrange your body that can make for quite amazing orgasmic surprise.

Position 1: The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

Playing kitty CAT is great for both men and women. If you have a hard time climaxing in the Missionary position, you can improve the chances of reaching orgasm substantially because this position gives you more clitoral stimulation.

• Your guy moves his body farther up your body, so that your head is at his chest.
• Shift your pelvis upward, bringing up your legs to a 45-degree angle.
• Now straighten your legs.
• Let him rock back and forth, instead of simply thrusting into you.

This method gives continual clitoral stimulation as he rubs his penis up and down into you. With all that direct stimulation of your clit, you may soon be seeing stars and fireworks in ways you’ve never seen before! Also, this is the best position for vibrating cock ring.

Position 2: Face-to-Face Squat

According to Men’s Health the Face-to-Face Squat is a terrific position for the woman who wants to be in charge of how deeply he goes into you and how much clitoral stimulation you want.

• Let him sit down in front of you, partially reclining back on his hands.
• Slowly sink yourself down onto him, controlling the speed of entry on your own terms.
• You can lean forward if you want more stimulation on your clit, or lean back if you want to enjoy him deep inside of you.
• Rock back and forth, side-to-side or up and down on him.
• If you start to feel his body tense up, getting ready to cum, you can slow down the tempo, teasing him and making him last longer.
• When you’re ready, then increase the tempo of your thrusts onto him until you both reach climax.

Position 3: Sex Between the Cheeks

There are times when you’re just not up for penetration sex. Sex Between the Cheeks is a wonderful alternative for both of you.

• Lay face down and lube up between your butt cheeks.
• Have your guy lay over you, either facing your feet or facing toward your head.
• He pushes his penis between your cheeks, letting the lube help him slide up and down, but not penetrating your ass or vagina.
• Reach underneath and stimulate yourself.
• Let him climax on your ass or back.

Position 4: Armpit Sex

Yes, we agree, this one sounds a little weird, but it is another position when you’re not in the mood for penetration sex. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, this position is a variation on “69.” You need lots of lube, but it definitely works and, besides, it will be something you can brag about when playing, “Have You Ever?”

• Grab your favorite lube and slather it all over his penis and balls.
• Have him lay down and place his penis under your armpit and draw your arm down, creating a tunnel for him to thrust into.
• Position yourself with your legs open to his face.
• While he thrusts away at your armpit, he can use his mouth to go down on you, finger your vagina and play with your clitoris.

Position 5: The Ultimate Blow Job for the Guy Who Loves Long Hair

Guys love blow jobs and even more men love blow jobs from women with long hair. If you have a particularly submissive streak, this position can enhance those feelings. For guys, playing with your hair, including grabbing and pulling it, gives them the feeling of being in control.

• Have your guy sit in a chair, or on the edge of the bed, in front of you.
• Place his hands on top of your head, inviting him to play with your hair.
• Slide your mouth slowly down his penis, swirling your tongue.
• Follow your mouth with your hands, creating a nonstop sensation.
• Swirl your tongue around the tip of his penis, playing with it before returning to sliding you hands and tongue down his penis.
• If you start to feel him tense up, getting ready to climax, slow down and tease him, prolonging his enjoyment.

Position 6: Ride Me Like You Mean It!

If you like your sex a little on the rough side, then according to Cosmo, you’ll love this position. Braid your hair into one long braid.

• Get on your hands and knees, with your butt about waist high toward him.
• Scoot down toward the edge of the bed, so that he can easily penetrate you.
• Flip your hair back so he can pull your hair as the reins.
• He can also reach under you and play with your clitoris.
• If you like deep penetration, rock back toward him, meeting him as he thrusts hard into you.

Position 7: Give Him a Surprise Show

Men are very visual and they love seeing something special from you. When you want to get him into the mood, gather up your nerves and give him a sex show like he’s never seen before.

• Slip on one of his dress shirts, buttoning it only halfway up, giving him a peek at your breasts and curves.
• Lay back in his favorite chair, the headboard or a corner of the sofa.
• Let your hands slide slowly down your body, hugging your breasts, tweaking your nipples and down to your vagina, playing all the way down. Give him your most alluring, sexy vixen smile as your hands move along your body.
• Let your fingers play with your clit and slip a few fingers inside yourself, making sure he’s watching you pleasure yourself. When you’re ready, let yourself climax.

Position 8: The Pretzel

No, this position doesn’t involve salt and twisted dough, although you might feel soft and doughy when you’re both spent and recovering. Letting him see your excited body is an added bonus for his own excitement and vigor.

• Lay down on your side, with your bottom leg laid flat and your top leg raised up and wrapped around his waist.
• Have your guy kneel beside you and enter you. For balance, he can hold onto your raised leg.
• He’ll get full view of everything going on, seeing his penis thrust in and out of you.
• You’ll have to work together to find a rhythm of thrusting, pushing and pulling for maximum stimulation and penetration.

Position 9: The Waterfall

The Waterfall position is amazing for most guys and may seem a little bit odd to him at first, but once you get going, he’ll be thrilled at the mind-blowing results.

• Have your guy lay down on the edge of the bed, with his head and shoulders off the bed.
• As he relaxes, tease his penis and balls with your mouth and then slowly slide down onto him.
• Increase your pace, until your feel his body tense and let him climax.

The combination of the head rush from letting his head hang over the bed and climax will intensify the mind-blowing experience for him.

Position 10: Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is one of the most intimate sexual positions, giving both of you one of the most ultimate orgasms possible.

• Sit on the floor, facing each other face to face.
• Wrap your legs around each other, with your legs draped outside of his.
• Gazing into each other’s eyes, slowly lower yourself onto him.
• Begin rocking together. The more you rock, the more clitoral stimulation and depth you have.
• While looking deeply in each other’s eyes, climax together.

Position 11: Scissors

Doing the Scissors position provides satisfying depth for both of you. This position is relatively easy and there are variations on it that can give you even more pleasure.

• Lay down on your side, lifting you top leg up and open.
• Let your guy slowly slide between your legs, with his legs on either side of your body.
• He can lay down on your bottom leg and pull himself deeper into you with your upper leg.

Position 12: Wild Pony

If you have workout equipment around, it can become excellent accessories for mind-blowing sex. Put your large exercise ball to use and play Pony with it.

• Lay face down on the exercise ball, with your face toward the floor and your legs lifted up.
• Standing behind you, let him pull your legs wide open and enter you from behind.
• Use the rolling motion of the exercise ball to help increase his rhythm of penetration.

Position 13: Gravity Bounce Oral Ball

Don’t put that handy large exercise ball away just yet. You’ll love how using your exercise ball another way intensifies your climax.

• Lay face up across the exercise ball, letting your body fall back across the entire arch of the ball.
• Open your legs wide, providing him with full access to you.
• Kneeling before you, he can pull your legs over his shoulders and lick, suck and nibble.
• The more you both get into the fun, the exercise ball is start rocking and bouncing, increasing the movement of your breasts and your entire body.
• Between the rocking, the sucking and the licking, your orgasm may downright surprise you when it shakes you to your core.

Position 14: Girls, Breasts and More

For ladies who enjoy women, accessing as many parts of the body as possible is the best of all worlds. Here’s a way to have your cake and eat it too in the most enjoyable of ways.

• Have your lady friend lean back, her legs spread open, supporting herself upward with one arm.
• Kneel next to her, use your hands to tease her breasts, gently stroking, teasing her nipples with your hands and lips.
• Her free hand can slide across your skin, teasing your own breasts and nipples.
• Her hand can also drift down between your legs, playing with your clitoris and entering you.
• Let your other hand stroke across her skin, moving slowly downward toward her open legs.
• Slip your fingers between her legs, playing and teasing her clit, sliding your fingers into her.
• Together in rhythm, increase your pace until you climax together.

Position 15: Two Girl Daisy

Girl-on-Girl sex can be loads of fun, especially if you get creative. Two Girl Daisy puts one of you is in more control, but you both can have outstanding and fun together.

• Let your girlfriend get on her hands and knees in front of you.
• Straddle one of her calves from behind, positioning her heel just under your clit.
• With you hands, begin to fondle her clitoris and then tongue her vulva area. If she’s up for it, you can even switch to tonguing her anus.
• At the same time, rock your own vulva and clit against her heel, providing your own stimulation, building up to your own orgasm.

Position 16: Hot Kitchen Sex

Sex on the kitchen counter top can be a spontaneous and hot appetizer for both of you. There’s nothing like a passionate quickie to set up anticipation for later things to come.

• Let your guy lift you up onto the counter top, with you butt on the edge, your legs spread wide open to him.
• Let the passion and excitement flow, hiking up your skirt, pushing his shirt open and grabbing his belt.
• As he fully thrusts into you, meet him by raising your hips off the counter to meet him. This gives you more stimulation and depth.

Position 17: Missionary Variation

Sometimes, the traditional Missionary position is a good beginning place for other ways to have sex.

• While in the Missionary position, and without disconnecting, lay down completely on the bed, wrapping your arms around each other.
• You can pull your upper leg over his to pull him closer and deepen penetration.
• Gaze into each other’s eyes, increasing the emotional connection.
• As you both reach climax, relax into each other’s arms in satisfaction.

Position 18: Seashell

You might feel like your being asked to be a bendy-doll, but the Seashell is a great position that allows you to use your own hands for stimulation.

• Lay down on your back and raise your legs toward his shoulders.
• Push your feet up toward your head, while he leans into you for easy penetration.
• Use your hands to self stimulate your clit.

Tip: You can ask him to rub his pubic bone against your clit for more stimulation or drop his pelvis down lower, allowing his penis to hit your G-spot for an even stronger climax.

Position 19: Churning Your Butter

If you’re up for more bendy-sex, then Churning Your Butter is an amazing position that will give you an amazing climax. It’s similar to the Waterfall, except you’ll be the one on the receiving end of the head-rushing orgasm.

• With your shoulders on the floor, lift your legs toward the sky and then let them bend backward over your face. Essentially, your body will be in a backward “C” shape.
• Holding your legs, your guy will be able to easily penetrate you, while you reach between your legs and tease yourself.
• When you climax, the combination of the orgasm and the blood rushing to your head will make you see stars and fireworks of your own!

Position 20: V is for Victory!

This is an easy position, which gives great deep penetration and lots of stimulation for you. At the same time, he can enter you fully and deeply, controlling and extending how long to tease you before you climax.

• Lay down on your back, lifting your legs high into a “V” shape.
• Grabbing your legs, he can easily enter you, with full vulvar contact.

Tip: For added stability and stretch, you can use your hands to pull your feet wider and more open.

Position 21: Belly Play

Sometimes, girls want to have our own happy time, without the help of anyone else. This position is easy and can be done almost anywhere you have some privacy and can lay down on your tummy.

• Lay down on your stomach and let your hands wander down. Stroke your breasts, tease your nipples and then down to your clit.
• Stroke and play, use your fingers for your own delight until you find your own climax.

Position 22: Through the Looking Glass

One of the most erotic things a woman can do is watch her own body get excited. Using a mirror, you might find the vision of your own wetness spilling from your vagina entrancing.

• Sit in a comfortable position, where you can spread your legs wide open.
• Use a mirror to watch your fingers play with your vagina, clitoris and pushing your fingers inside of yourself. Watch how the colors of your tissues change, become enlarged, and wet. Keep your eyes on the mirror as your body spasms and squirms while you climax.

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