How to Talk Dirty and How to Turn a Guy On

Most of us freeze up the minute the guy we’re with says, “talk dirty to me.” We feel silly, we feel inhibited and we doubt whether it’s something we’ll ever be able to accomplish. However, with an open mind and a few skills under your belt, you can soon be talking dirty enough to make even his cheeks blush.

According to Felicity Keith's VIDEO (sexual and "dirty talk" expert):

  • The man must feel your desire toward him, and with dirty talk, you can express it very effectively
  • There are dirty talk techniques that fire up men instantly, which are learnable
  • Men like to be dominant (even the shy ones), and you can make them feel so by dirty talk
  • Dirty talk can fire up every relationship, even long-term relationships

For some practical techniques and advices, check her VIDEO.

Soft Dirty Talk and How to Use Your Voice

Talking dirty is about attitude and comfort with yourself. Start out with simple things. For example, if you say, “I love the way it feels when you touch me there,” is very easy. Whisper it softly in his ear, letting your voice drop into a sultry velvet seductive purr.

Talking dirty isn’t limited to the actual words. It includes how you use your voice. Men enjoy hearing us, moan, sigh and groans. They love it when they hear us whimpering with desire. They sometimes want to hear us being timid and unsure; other times they want us to be demanding in telling them what we want. If you’re a woman who rarely swears, he’ll be even more delighted when you rattle off a bunch of dirty swear words in the middle of sex.

Hardcore Dirty Talk and Taking Charge

When you get comfortable saying easy things, then you will probably discover letting out your wild vixen gets easier. Ask for more of what he’s doing that you like. You might tell him to be harder, faster, deeper.

If you’re comfortable with taking that step, then move to telling him what you want to do to him. Whisper in his ear that you’re going to give him something special that you know he loves. Tell him that you want to feel him in your mouth, you want to sit on his face, and let go of your inhibitions to where the only people in the world are you and him.


One way to get more comfortable with saying the words out loud is to practice. It may feel funny at first and send you into giggling fits. However, the more comfortable you are with actually saying the words out loud, then more natural it will feel. Practice saying all those forbidden words that we were taught that good girls don’t say.

Here are some examples of types of dirty talk that can turn your man into a tiger, ranging from soft to hardcore, in no particular order:

1. I love it when you kiss me behind my ear.
2. Please, suck my nipple harder.
3. God, you make me so hot.
4. I want you in bed, now!
5. Bite me harder!
6. God, nobody has ever made me cum like that!
7. Kiss me there… Lick every inch of me.
8. Come over here and ride me hard!
9. Fuck me. Right now!
10. Use me as your toy all night long

For some practical techniques and advices, check this VIDEO.

Sometimes, things we say during sex come out all funny and weird and we’re reduced to giggling at each other. Laughter is one of the joyful parts of sex that can quickly morph back into passionate, hot sex.

I hope you’ve found this article enlightening and informative. Everyone feels awkward about sex sometimes, and that’s okay. If you’re willing to be adventurous in bed and step out of your “good girl” shoes, then hopefully you’ll find more satisfaction, laughter and joy in your sex life.

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Kathy Harper

Kathy shares her huge experience in relationship. She lived an ordinary life until her college years, when she came to believe that guys were designed for her. Unfortunately, she was blessed with much naivety. Therefore, she had her heart broken numerous times, but collected a lot of experience.