How to Give a Fellatio? (GUIDE)

Learning about some subjects can not only be good for you but fun too. More specifically, knowing about fellatio can not only be educational but make your personal relationship more exciting and fulfilling. Still, despite the fact that it is 2016, many of you ladies out there have never even heard of fellatio let alone know how to properly fellate a fella.

But fret not, girls. Peruse this piece and you will know everything you need to know about fellatio. Soon you’ll be fellating like an expert. After all, if you expect a man to please you, you have to know how to please him.

Everything About Blow Job


For those of you not up on all your intimate, erotic acts, fellatio is defined as “oral stimulation of a man’s penis.” It comes from the Latin word fellare meaning to suck. (Remember that and you will soon be able to impress a man with both your mouth and your mind.)

Positions And Variations

Fellatio has a natural power dynamic to it that works both ways. If you like being submissive to your man then kneel before him and please him. If you like being in control and you feel powerful then put him on his back and crawl over him and express yourself. No matter what, use your hands a lot because it will add to the overall experience.

If you like variety there are many different positions you can try. You can work in some light S&M by blindfolding him and tying him down before you do your thing. Engage in a little mutual nipple-pinching or spanking if you like.

The “88”

If your man is a butt man, then you should try the “88”. This is the best position in which to please him and still let him enjoy your butt.

Scott Brown from Sexpressed describes it as similar to “ a 69 position on your side.” You begin “by (both) laying on your back.” Next, “while keeping your butt in” place, you both “twist your torso to (the) side.”

You should be reversed so that the front of your body is flat on the bed. Your chest should be down, with your butt in his face. With a bit of practice, you should be able to pleasure him while he is able to see, touch and play with your butt too.

The Venus Fly Trap

OK, ladies, for this one you lie back on your back sideways across the bed with your head hanging over the side. Gently guide your man into your mouth where you can move his member to the side of your mouth to avoid gagging. This position will allow you to explore your own hot spots while pleasing your man. If height and your comfort levels allow it, he can even lean forward and give you a little oral pleasure too.

Pray For You

In this position, your man stands against the side of the bed. Depending on the height of the bed, you kneel on the floor or the bed. Have him spread his legs so that you can nuzzle your head in between them and gain access to his anus and scrotum.

This way you can lick, touch, suck and do things to him everywhere. Keep going until he climaxes. When he does, it will feel like he had “a religious experience.”

Side 69

This is like the traditional 69 with one major difference. No one is on the top and no one is on the bottom. You are both on your sides. Since you are both on your sides, it allows both of you more freedom to move your heads and really get into it. If you moan when it feels good you’ll make things vibrate too.

Stand And Finger

Have your man stand against the side of the bed. You lie down on your side there on the side of the bed so that you can give him pleasure with your mouth and get your hands involved. Have him play with your clitoris and nipples. Make sure his finger is wet before you begin.


While some women like a man’s natural taste and others claim that the taste of a man’s ejaculate doesn’t really change all that much, various online sources indicate otherwise. In fact, some common fruits that make a man’s ejaculate taste better include pineapple, apples, lemons limes and other citrus fruits. There are other things a man can eat regularly that will also influence his taste such as celery, white fish, and fresh herbs.

How To Give Great Blow Job


While giving your man a surprise “hummer” as they say can be a good thing, remember that hygiene is a good thing too. Make sure your man washes everywhere you expect to have your face, mouth, tongue and fingers. If your man is uncircumcised this is especially important because the buildup of dirt and bacteria can result in an unpleasant odor and taste. If you’re worried, girls, then suggest a sexy shower and take the matter into your own hands.

If you’re one of those girls who worries your man might urinate while you’re giving him fellatio, have no fears. It’s impossible. There is a valve in your (and every) man’s penis that only allows urine to flow when the penis is flaccid. It does not allow urine to flow when it is erect.

The Basics

Some women enjoy rubbing their face over their man’s crotch and others like kissing their way down to it or even kissing thighs as a form of foreplay. There are also many tricks and options involved with fellatio. The basics, however, can be broken down into some simple steps:

  • Kiss the head of his penis
  • Softly part your lips
  • Lick the head (glans)
  • Lick the corona--the ridge around the head
  • Take the head of it into your mouth
  • Use both your lips and your tongue to caress the head and the corona
  • Use your lips and tongue to caress the frenulum or the underside of the head too

After repeating the above instruction, move your head/mouth up and down the shaft caressing as much of it with your lips as comfortably possible

Note that the shaft is significantly less sensitive than the head, therefore, you should return to it often unless your man requests something else

Repeat all steps until you have achieved the desired effect.

The Fine Points

  • Alternate frequently between licking and sucking the shaft and the head
  • Take your tongue and flick it rapidly all around the head
  • Lightly nibble, lick and/or suck the scrotum
  • Stroke his shaft with one or both hands while you’re licking and/or sucking just the head
  • Fondle his scrotum while you’re sucking him
  • Gently squeeze the shaft or head between your forefinger and thumb
  • Gently slap his erection against your face, outstretched tongue, and/or lips

Massage your man in other areas while you are pleasuring him. Some guys like a gentle anal sphincter while receiving fellatio. (Yet another reason why hygiene is very important.) Some men like when a woman anally fingers them but be sure to use enough lubricant, go slowly at first and make sure the finger you use is properly manicured. (Check our review about anal condoms.)

Last but not least, if you like giving your man fellatio, by all means, let him know before, during and after that you enjoy it. Men often find it arousing knowing that their women enjoy fellating them.

Deep Throating and Gagging

In 1972 the adult film titled Deep Throat debuted. The main character was a woman who had been born with her clitoris in her throat. In order to experience an orgasm, she had to give men fellation and take them down her throat.

The movie was a breakout success raking in over 600 million dollars from mainstream audiences. Since the success of the movie, men have wanted their lovers to take them down their throats too. Many women were game to try it too but the reality of the situation is that deep throating--and for some women--even regular fellatio--causes gagging.

The fact is sticking anything too far down your throat will cause gagging. It’s a defensive bodily reflex that aid in the prevention of choking. If you have ever purposely avoided fellatio with a man who was too--shall we say--pushy, don’t feel too bad. Women are actually unusually prone to gagging.

For you gals who still have that sense of adventure and actually wish to try deep-throating your man, here are some helpful tips:

  • Relax because any anxiety will increase your chances of gagging. (When you are prepared to try it for the first time have your man remain still. Make it clear he must allow you to control this act.)
  • You can train yourself to dampen your gag reflex. After Before you finish brushing your teeth, brush the back of your tongue. (This also helps to prevent bad breath for those of you who like to be kissed before you’re . . . well, you know.) Take deep breaths and imagine yourself not gagging. Note the exact point where you actually gag. Do this for a few weeks and you will find that you no longer gag that easily.
  • Before you try the real thing try “mock-deep-throating”. Before you fellate your lover rub your hands together to ensure they are warm. Put lubricant on one hand.

Assume your favorite position for fellatio. Take as much of him into your mouth as you can comfortably manage. Stroke the rest of his shaft with the lubricated hand. This will approximate deepthroating.

Additional Tips

If your man wants to direct you then, let him. If you are not into actual command then tell him ahead of time that his suggestions are welcome. After all, oral sex is a gift one gives to another and not a demand (unless, of course, you’re into that kinda thing).

Many men do not enjoy teeth. Many prefer you just use your lips and tongue. There are some men, however, who enjoy very light nibbling on the shaft.

When in doubt, ask, If he likes a little nibble , be careful. Check with him as you go and remember that at best it is but a small optional portion of the entire act.

To Swallow Or Not To Swallow, That Is The Question

Ladies, you know men sometimes think of swallowing his ejaculate as a sign of love or certainly deep acceptance. Mind you, he should never insist on you swallowing (unless, of course, you are into that kind of sex play). Marty Klein, PhD., an experienced sex therapist in Palo Alto, California told the press that a lady can truly be “in love with a man and totally accept him (but) still not want a mouthful of semen.” Your man needs to respect your “sexual boundaries” and you need to respect his too.

There are also women who don’t allow their men to ejaculate into their mouths because they are afraid that the force of it will somehow injure them. Seriously? Ladies, it is not all that forceful.

You’re not fellating Superman even if your guy is occasionally “faster than a speeding bullet.” When a man releases in your mouth it’s more akin to what happens when you bite down on a cherry tomato. If you sometimes have an issue with the taste (as briefly discussed earlier), there are steps you can take.

Here is a tip we did not mention earlier. Use a flavored condom during fellatio (non-latex condom). This way,  your man gets to enjoy letting go in your warm, wet mouth but you don’t have to taste it.

No one is saying you have to do it. Semen is, however, quite safe to swallow. If you are concerned about the composition of semen, though, here are the “ingredients”, if you will. Seriously, it reads a lot like something you might pick up at the grocery store:

  • 97 percent water
  • 1 percent Vitamin C and fructose/fruit sugar
  • 2 percent sperm, which is mainly protein

Health Risks

You can even get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from engaging in oral sex. Avert confirms that oral sex can result in an STD taking hold in the tissues in and around your mouth. Avert also notes that there are some infections that are significantly more likely to act on the mouth than some others.

The most common sexually transmitted diseases to affect your mouth are chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis. There’s also HPV and other gastrointestinal infections. The only sure way to avoid getting an oral STD is to actually practice safe oral sex. You should also practice good oral hygiene, which will help reduce your risk of developing any kind of sore or infection in your mouth.

So there you have it. You now know all about oral sex and how to give fantastic fellatio to the man you love in a number of different, interesting, erotic and exotic positions. Now it's time to go further, let's experiment with some other toys...

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