What is Love and How Does it Work?

The topic of love isn't just for the romantic. Love is for everyone! In fact, love is the first topic of interest in all creation, Big Bang or otherwise. Without love, where would any of us be? The word "love" instills limitless and personal thoughts, reactions and physiological changes to our bodies and minds. Jump on board with me as we venture into the undeniably vast and rewarding ideals of the topic of love and how it works.

What is love?

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If you ask 100 people what love is, you would probably get 100 different answers. For grins and a happy heart, let's just begin by saying love is usually interpreted as a feeling or as an action word devoted to please. Love is an invisible power. Its capacities reach deep within our souls to spark various levels of transformation.

Love touches all life forms to the core of their existence while enhancing their terms for existing. You don't necessarily see love. But, we as spiritual beings definitely feel the invisible effects of what love can do to us. Love is also a perspective, a consideration, a viewpoint. But love always begins within, in order to manifest itself outwardly.

Why bother writing about love?

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Ladies and gents, living with and through love is the epitome of our life's purpose. In my view, love was created with a specific goal in mind - to spread itself over its opposing nemesis - hatred of survival. Think about it. If love was not alive and well to oppose hatred, there might be only hatred to guide us.

Writing about love is actually a way of acknowledging the love within, even if we can only seek a better understanding of what love suggests. Even the most minuscule curiosity suggests we all have at least one grain of love seed planted for potential sprouting. We are born with this supernatural gift. Why bother to write about love? Because love is the greatest, largest and most significant energy there is and we have much to learn.

Love's relationships

Love's leaders have much to say. Take this quote from Deepak Chopra, “Remember, in our inmost being, we are all completely lovable because spirit is love. Beyond what anyone can make you think or feel about yourself, your unconditioned spirit stands, shining with a love nothing can tarnish.” - Deepak Chopra.

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Love is spirit. Love is a path. Love is an ethereal support system. Love is best recognized as a relationship between spirit and one or more things. The experience of love thrives between a giver (spirit) and a receiver (self, others); thus, supporting the spiritual and the life form connection.

It would seem that love is simply what it sounds like. One dimensional. A moment in time. A singular expression. This is hardly the case.

Consider love's participation in history, cultures, philosophies, music and education. Seems what ought to be so simple turns out to carry weights and channels of varying degrees, nooks and crannies. Layers of perspective and application color love's fancy a rainbow of shades, shapes and sizes.

According to Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), "Plato’s Symposium presents the initiating text, for it provides us with an enormously influential and attractive notion that love is characterized by a series of elevations, in which animalistic desire or base lust is superseded by a more intellectual conception of love which also is surpassed by what may be construed by a theological vision of love that transcends sensual attraction and mutuality". So, apparently love knows how to cover its bases from one end of the love spectrum to the other - and back again. Never missing a beat of articulation.

Love's biological and psychological elements

Say love has found its way into your world; but you aren't quite sure how to recognize your own body's love language. No worries. The body knows exactly what to say. How about something like this? "Hello, is your heart pounding yet?" "Are you experiencing an unusual surge of mental pleasure and positive acceptance toward another person, place or thing?" These are only two signs that the brain is hard at work raising the brain's pleasure centers by increasing neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin. These joy-loving, cheer leading neurotransmitters are keenly aware of their job - to increase mental happiness and pleasure for the purpose of ongoing reward, maturation and procreation.

How does love work?

Love's duties aren't all play and no work. No, love has lots of work to do to motivate, inspire and carry out its highly-sophisticated job. There is an order to love, even if the unsuspecting love carrier doesn't easily take notice.

For example, as mentioned earlier, love is a spiritual seed placed within all of us. As this seed grows, so do the methods from which love manifests itself. The term "falling in love" is actually a physiological and psychological process with twists and turns. We begin with lust.

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Lust is a biological party of sex hormones doing their job to take you to the next step. Attraction.

Attraction and the three key neurotransmitters begin to partner a love dance in your head, tickling your emotions with convincing reasoning to keep moving to the next stage. Attachment.

Attachment proudly displays its own hormonal resources of oxytocin and vasopressin. These hormones give convincing physiological and psychological speeches that this love interest is worth keeping around.

In simpler terms, all of this scientific jargon equates to incredibly great feelings of excitement, pleasure and joyful longevity. These processes also have the power to dissuade negativity and tainted projections upon the love experience at hand.

Love chemistry

The body is a Brainiac. It knows. It informs. It rules. So, what are some of the ways your body alerts us when love is sneaking through the cracks? According to YourAmazingBrain.org, here are three possibly familiar signs to examine:

"Psychologists have shown it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone.

Research has shown this has little to do with what is said, rather -

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  • 38% is the tone and speed of their voice
  • Only 7% is through what they say."

Think of it this way. Love is a the largest, most expansive form of communication. It makes sense that it would find its voice through dialects of its own- dialects love knows we can well-understand if we are paying attention. Love is also funny and often likes to play on us using the element of surprise. You have been lovingly warned!

Love leadership

Throughout time, love has been the focal point of literally countless causes. It doesn't take a world leader to take the reins of spreading love's value throughout our lands. But many world greats have voiced their wisdom on the topic of love. For example, Mother Teresa, a beautiful, respected and humble servant of love's march toward God's glory committed her life to expressing her innermost beliefs of what love means through non-violent, spiritual and humanitarian service. Was she "in love". Yes, she was. She was in love with her spiritual and divine maker. That love gave her everything she needed to plant seeds of love throughout the world.

Emulating love where we can

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What does loving leadership mean to you? Where can loving leadership be applied? The best part about the answers to questions like these is that there is power in love's backbone; thus, providing a clean canvas of love's processes, love's feeling, love's works and love's over-all effect on the world. Love is not a manipulative or manipulating resource. Its power stands up for the good, the truth and the spiritual light of our where this gift of survival belongs.

The Huffington Post also has a few note-worthy things to say about love leadership. One significant factor worth considering states: "Love does not negate performance or productivity. In fact, Harvard Professor Teresa Amabile’s research showed that progress is the most important motivator for employees, and the best leaders foster an emotionally nourishing relationship in which that progress can be made".

We see that love is exactly what we thought - and maybe not what we thought it was. Profoundly, we discover love is designed to keep us maturing in and formulating its true character for the sake of covering the world with infinite reward and camaraderie. Let us keep exploring, maturing and peeling back the layers of love's incredible force. For through love and its originator, all fabulous things are possible.

While the topic of love can easily go into an entire A through Z outline form, let us adopt the notion that love's purpose is to simplify, not complicate our lives.

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