Top 10 Sexual Fantasies Everyone Has Experienced

Many of us think about sex a lot of the time.  Much of this preoccupation with sex will dwell on how exciting it can be when ‘normal’ behavior is transgressed, boundaries are crossed, and inhibitions are abandoned for a world of make-believe devoid of rules or expectations.  Dreaming about erotic situations isn’t anything to get hung up about.  The combination of an active imagination and a hormonal drive is one of the wonderful attributes of being human.

Now that any lingering sense of impropriety is out the way, let’s focus on 10 of the most common sexual fantasies.  As you go through this list, I wonder which scenario you’ll be first to mentally tick?

Camera, Lights, Action

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that explosive bedroom scenes can turn a good movie into a memorable one, but many lovers have considered capturing their own intimate moments on camera.  There can be drawbacks.  Having to interrupt proceedings – to ensure the lens is pointing in the right position, or that the low battery light isn’t blinking – can be a passion killer.  But there is something undeniably steamy about making homemade porn movies.  That camcorder perched on the wardrobe can inspire increased dimensions of vigor and imaginative maneuvers to the performances.  Also, watching reruns, with optional popcorn, can instantly kick-start the action the next time.

The more the merrier

The missionary position is traditionally used to describe sex at its most functional, involving a couple having fun, but only just. What would be the simplest way to spice things up?  Introduce a third party.  Or more?  Apparently the Romans loved group sex and the ancient pastime of orgies remains a popular fantasy. For fantasists, the thought of having multiple partners is surely one of the ultimate sexual scenarios, where many likeminded individuals have chosen to cast any shyness to the four winds, and everyone is upforit.


Prostitution is as old as civilization.  That’s why it’s known as the oldest profession.  Many males fantasize about sex workers, whether they daydream about picking them up on street corners, visiting a massage parlor and enquiring about ‘extra services’ or booking a night of entertainment via a web portal.  The illegal element adds a frisson of danger to these encounters, not to mention the obvious aspect than anyone making their living from selling sex must surely be expert at what they do.  For women, the sexual prowess and athleticism of the gigolo is equally potent.

Paris in the Spring

For all individuals, a common fantasy isn’t so much about the sex itself as where it is taking place.  The notion of being whisked away for a romantic break, whether that’s to one of the world’s beautiful cities, or to a country retreat in the Scottish Highlands, is enough to set the heart racing.  What better way to conjure an image of the ideal night of passion than imagine the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the background?

Not my partner

Sexual attraction can be like a tractor beam, forcibly drawing you into another person’s physicality.  But what happens when that perfect figure so frequently admired happens to belong to someone you know well, who isn’t your partner?  It is surely one of the cruelest twists of fate to find that your significant other has a best friend who you secretly lust after.  This is why craving a sexual get-together with someone in your circle who is totally off-limits is enough to send fantasies soaring off the scale.


Adding any hint of the untoward or forbidden to lovemaking ratchets up the excitement.  Have you ever been woken by the sound of foxes at the foot of the garden (their delirious yelps letting the whole neighborhood know exactly what they’re up to?!)  In a fertile imagination, the act of walking a partner home can take on a whole new dimension as sex-charged detours are planned, involving secluded but very public locations.

Tied up tonight?

Surely one of the commonest fantasies of all involves domination.  This invokes a whole arena of repressed sexual desire, ranging from spanking sessions or being gagged and tied to the bedposts, right down to all those whips, chains, handcuffs, sex toys and leather equipment you’ve seen advertised online but have never considered actually investing in.  Or have you?


Having sex in a toilet doesn’t always lend itself to sexual fantasies, although there are some who crave life’s seedier side.  But many do lust after a lewd session in a train cubicle.  There is undoubtedly something sensual about the way a train moves, the countryside flashing by at a hundred miles an hour, the carriages shifting backwards and forwards as the wheels grip the rails.  That’s why the thought of sneaking away from the bored-looking commuters to snatch frantic moments in the seclusion of that rocking cubicle is so appealing.


With people fantasizing about sharing carnal pleasures with someone they’ve never met before, anonymity can be an aphrodisiac.  If relationships come with obligations and baggage, the thought of surrendering to the charms of a complete stranger can seem a refreshing antidote.  Who wouldn’t want the chance to harbor a naughty little secret that no one else need ever know about?

Sleight of hand

Because you can indulge in masturbation more readily than full-on sex, it easily enters fantasies.  What about this scenario?  You’re at the office Christmas party and find yourself seated in the corner next to a new start.  Perhaps it’s the flowing champagne, but you realize they’re one of the most stunning individuals you’ve encountered in a long time.  The dinner has been cleared, the lights have dimmed; dancing has begun and everyone is partying like there’s no tomorrow.  You exchange flirtatious glances.  Perhaps one of you might initiate a kiss?  Perhaps that might lead to a discrete reaching beneath the table for a much more intimate contact … Those two syllables are often all that stands between fantasy and reality … Perhaps.

Zoey Miller

Zoey is our baby equipment expert. Her topics are baby, diapers, feeding, and pregnancy. After finishing college, she started work as a kindergarten teacher. She is a mother to Naomi and Daisy and has gained an immeasurable knowledge from her teaching job.