Nike Roshe Run Women Running Shoes – In-Depth Review 2020

Nike has developed a consistent brand that offers releases for men, women, kids, and infants. The footwear space has released many different models, with each expanding to additional variants and versions. One criticism of the company is that their gender-neutral designs may not assist the needs of the consumer. Additionally, creating gender-differentiated products has taken a more masculine approach. The Nike Roshe One features a casual design for everyday wear that implements aspects of femininity. Below is an in-depth look at this product. This review will detail product features and prescribe the uses for each of these mentioned items.

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8.5 Durability



A Word from our Expert

Nike caters this model to suit the female marketplace. The design techniques include elements of femininity, which can easily be noticed and defined. This marks for a nice change of pace for Nike, with older models looking more masculine than feminine. The build-up in the outsole creates excellent support for all-day usage. The material reinforcement is a feature we can all get behind, as it provides both protection and resistance compounds. The availability of colors and patterns is also a nice feature to expand upon for the user. Check Price on Amazon!

Overall Rating Chart

Top 10 Reasons to Buy

  • A design that is molded with femininity, introducing a practical fit for everyday use
  • Color combinations and schemes are matched in accordance with the main color, creating for a visually appealing model
  • Phylon and EVA midsole components help produce cushioning and comfort throughout the shoe
  • Extra spacing at the upper area allows for airflow increase
  • The minimal design keeps the shoe from adding on unnecessary bulk
  • Waffle pattern of rubberized components treats the outsole for proper traction
  • Thick outsole heightens at the heel area, giving the user excellent push-off support
  • Midsole blends with the outsole to keep the shoe visually appealing
  • Reinforced heel shank keeps the foot from exerting excess movement
  • The flocked tongue sits comfortably on the top of the foot, limiting unnecessary pressure while providing proper coverage

Top 4 Reasons Not to Buy

  • The shoes tend to run rather narrow, calling for a proper fitting
  • The toe box is rather small compared to previous Nike footwear models
  • The platform sits high off the ground, which could take some getting used to
  • Boxed rather stiff and need to be broken in

Catering the Design to the Female User

Nike is well known for their craftmanship spread across its branded items. They have excelled in producing activewear for the female population, with designers that work to encompass all aspects of the female wardrobe. The footwear space represents an area where this detail can be expanded upon. Historically, Nike has fused its women’s product line with vibrant color schemes and bright elements. This approach to the design mechanism has been carried over to the footwear space. The Nike Roshe One comes in many different styles, tailoring the design to match any outfit or outerwear combination. The casual element is also enhanced through the mold of the shoe. The inclusion of flashy items is scaled back to make for more practical uses. This makes the shoe optimal for everyday wear.

The simplicity of the included features is another area where this model excels. The material usage surrounds around textile and synthetic fabrication, creating an even pattern to the design of the outer shell. The outsole is made of one solid color, with benefits that do not detract for the visual appeal of this model. The famed Nike swoosh is also color-coded to match the color of the shoe, marking for a darker element that helps the other areas of the shoe stand out in the visual stream. It appeals to the female population, which is a nice change of pace for women who enjoy the productions extended from this brand.

Product Features and Benefits

Size and Fit

The Nike Roshe shoes run true to size, calling little need to go up or down in size. The fit is rather snug, with the elements of the shoe and the mold holding pat to the foot. This might call for an upgrade to a wider size, especially if you have a wide midfoot or require additional arch support. The size of the toe box is another area that marks a small space. It takes the shape of the foot, which might not be optimal for all toe sizes and shapes. The rise causes the midsole to cater to the arch, making arch size an afterthought.



The outsole is made from rubberized materials and is thick in nature. As the outsole extends to the back of the foot, it rises at the heel, creating an inclined element of additional support. Since the heel is the primary area for generating push-off and striking, this marks for a feature that can benefit everyday wear. The undercarriage of the outsole is treated with a waffle pattern of small grippers. These grippers help increase traction across adverse surfaces, enhancing stability means with each step.


The midsole meshes with the outsole, producing no visual signs of this inclusion. It is constructed from EVA foams and phylon. Phylon is a lightweight material that works to even distribute shocks. It also helps to absorb the blow that most of these shocks emit, which makes for a comfortable ride for whatever form of movement you are performing. The midsole meets the insole by providing a memory foam-like fit. This caters to the bottom of the foot and introduces a base for the foot to rely on.



The upper is treated with textile and synthetic materials. Along with the outer shell, these two materials are reinforced and thickened to provide adequate protection against the elements. The upper also houses the padded collar overlay, which makes for an easy fit and introduces the correct format of holding patterns at the ankle and heel area. The back of the upper houses a heel shank to keep your upright and practicing the correct posture. This upper represents a means of stability and protection for the user.


Due to lightweight material usage and minimal stitching, the product comes in at a little over 8 ounces in weight. This weight is evenly distributed throughout the areas of the shoe, with overlaps in the material making up for the limited use of stitching. This technique also helps increase the protection of the foot to resist abrasions and keep you protected from weather elements.


The correct procedures are taken to ensure this shoe remains breathable. The material features small holes throughout the outer shell, which allow for cool air streams to reach the feet and hot air streams to escape the shell. This makes for an even pattern of air streams to flow in and out of the shoe. The second area for air emittance comes at the back-insertion point. The insertion point holds padded materials that wrap completely over the top of the shoe. This creates for the proper ankle support and allows air to flow to and from this area.



The comfortability scale is increased at the back outsole rise. This rise creates a platform for the midfoot and heel to rest upon. The incline promotes proper push-off and acceleration from these areas. Comfort is also increased due to the even structure of the bottom base. This base runs from the toe box to heel, holding the proper gripping measures we introduced previously. The toe box also houses an outsole extension, which directly relates to pressure in this area. The height of the toe box creates for a roomy space for your toes, allowing them to sit and splay naturally.


Reinforcement is the name of the game with the Nike Roshe runners. The material is wrapped and reinforced at the back of the shoe with the shank inclusion and at the side of the shoe with the build-up. This build-up also helps to keep the foot aligned within the shoe, which benefits proper movement when walking or running. There are stitches placed on the sides of this material build, which keeps this feature tied down and relevant to your movement.

Terrain (where to use)


The shoe is designed with a minimal approach, meaning the user stands to benefit from surfaces that they can feel. This makes flat and smooth spaces the optimal terrain. When the foot rests on a flat surface, it can gain the proper awareness needed to produce the desired movements. This becomes more difficult with a surface that is constantly changing. This isn’t to say the shoe can be taken off-road, but the optimal space is for flat and smooth surfaces. Bumpy surfaces are also supported through the inclusion of traction means at the outsole, making trail travel a second surface where success can be found.



The stability is increased through the use of a thick outsole and the proper holding techniques. The thick outsole creates the even support base, keeping your footing at the correct heights and pressures. The sides of the shoe are treated with the extended material builds, which help with creating the proper alignments. Together, these two forces combine to keep you stable and upright through your stream of movements.


The shoe, while hosting many different strength elements, remains relatively flexible. The height of the toe box was increased to create for a roomier fit, but this inclusion also creates for more material give. This keeps the front of the shoe flexible. The midsole and outsole thickness cater to the arch, helping the foot to emit that natural flex. The back of the shoe remains raised and reinforced, offering little give. This shoe is designed for those who enjoy front foot flex and limited movement from the ankle/heel area.



The design makes for the shoe to expand into different areas of usage. The first area is casual wear. The patterns and color schemes cater to your wardrobe, with colorful and single-color scheme options available to the user. They also can be worn for long-term periods of time, due to the incredible support offered at the heel area. Short distance running also makes for the prescribed use. Users who push-off primarily from the toe box will enjoy bursts of speed with this lightweight model.

Product Alternatives

NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoe

The main product for comparison is Nike Tanjun shoes. These models implement the same thickness at the outsole and introduce that incline as this element reaches the heel. The difference with this outsole is that is it is grooved at the midfoot area to separate the front and backing functioning of the outsole support.

The material makeup also differs as the Tanjun models are designed with mesh and the Roshe models sample from synthetic and textile means. This gives the Tanjun slightly less total weight than the Roshe model. The Roshe shoe also includes side-by-side supports, which is something that the Tanjun model leaves out. All other components are almost direct replicas of one another, making this a great comparison piece.

NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoes

The Nike Flex Running model contains similar features with the breathability component and the back-heel support. This shoe is also designed with different material makeup, calling on the mesh as the primary contributor to the structure.

The breathability is introduced with the small holes in the material, but these cuts are a little larger than the Roshe models. The back-heel shank is designed in a similar fashion, offering stability and the proper upright positioning. The outsole is thinned out with this model and the midsole is clearly viewed by the user.

Other Models for Consideration

The Nike design is not too spread out amongst models, with little changes and inclusions separating their library of footwear products. Women’s running shoes represent the great search term for comparison. You will notice many different results that mimic the mold and the design of the Roshe Run shoe. The different extensions coming from the Tanjun line are also prescribed as options that can replace the Roshe model should they be unavailable to the user.


The minimal build meets elegant design with the Nike Roshe Run. This model holds features that benefit the natural performance of the flex. A roomy toe box allows the user to sample from this natural flex, moving with the proper strides. The back-heel support gives you all-day strength and stability that limits your fatigue and keeps you cushioned. This model also tailors to the feminine side, with favorable designs and color combinations that meet the female niche.

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