Best Running Shoes for Weak Ankles in 2021

Joining the masses of individuals in the activity of running is a practiced choice. It involves weeks of work and preparation to ensure you are able to reach the heightened physical fitness levels that running demands. When you are in the beginning process of your training regime, you may find your body responding adversely to new pressures, stress, and other mentionable side effects. This is normal, but it is important to take note of these instances prior to beginning your running regimen. One of the main target areas that we often notice weakness is within the ankles. Below are 11 different running shoes that will help you along the trail and assist in helping create stable movements within the ankle and surrounding body parts.

Best Women's Running Shoes for Weak Ankles




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ASICS Women's

Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes


New Balance Women's 690v2 Trail Running Shoes


Fila Women's Memory Finition Running Shoes

Best Men's Running Shoes for Weak Ankles




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PUMA Men's Ignite Evoknit Cross-Trainer Shoe


Under Armour Men's Jet 2017


Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn M. Fit Mid-High Sneaker

6 Best Women's Running Shoes for Weak Ankles (Review)

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes 

ASICS often rests in the high-end of the running shoe space. The high-end tag is met with high-end design and craftsmanship with their Gel-Venture designs. These shoes hold a very thick inner sole and introduce plenty of comfort to the bottom of the foot. This is also a proprietary technology that works in conjunction with the feature of thick soles. The surrounding material is also reinforced, leaving you with a model that will stand up to the test of time.

These shoes are very thick in both of their introduced support measures, ensuring both protection and stability in all fashions. Their designs reduce the discomfort one would feel from sinking into their shoes. The instant benefit is brought to users when they already have two strengthened forms of padding supporting their walking or running.

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...
  • Trail Specific Outsole: Reversed lugs provide...

New Balance Women's WT410v5 CushioningTrail Running Shoes

New Balance has dabbled in the running shoe space for a couple of decades now. Their products range in sizes and usage, which is a fitting start for their trail running shoes. The WT410v5 models are perfect for the everyday user or someone who spends long amounts of time on their feet. The think construction creates a solid mold that will reduce the effect of elements on the feet. The heavy rubber sole is something that earns stability over a multitude of surfacing.

The footbed features a simple insert, but the comfort can be made up for through the solid construction of these models. They are built to face the elements and should withstand the test of time. The bottoms of the shoes also feature a traction-friendly covering, with little grooves and extended pieces to keep you stable. This makes this model a perfect contender for the everyday user, runner or non-runner alike.

New Balance Women's WT410v5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe
3,882 Reviews
New Balance Women's WT410v5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe
  • Acteva midsole
  • At tread outsole
  • Nb response 2.0 performance insert

Fila Women's Memory Finition Running Shoes

Our next model comes from the lower end of the market spectrum in the Fila Finition running shoes. These shoes feature a thicker memory foam base, which is form fitting to each usage. This foam shapes around the foot, making it a solid target for any sized foot. It hosts a thick rubber sole and almost completely covers the ankle. This security reduces unwanted movements when you are out on the trail and creates a comfortable base when you are placed on your feet for hours at a time.

The Finition model is lightweight, making it a practical option for those who like to walk or run. The high rise allows for added arch support, no matter the size of the arch at-hand.

Fila Women's Memory Finition Running Shoe
  • Upper - Leather and nylon mesh for stability and...
  • Midsole - eva provides cushioning and absorbs road...
  • Outsole - Rubber for traction and durability.
  • Memory Foam insole adds comfort.

Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

It is tough to find a competitor for Saucony in the running shoe space. They have worked to design models specific for this space and this activity. Their engineers are heavily versed in this field and the technique and craftsmanship truly shine through with each of their model runs. The 10th run offers plenty of intrigue for the user. The thick rubber sole is something that benefits the weak ankles. This sole is made from synthetic materials and it features a light-weight mold that has become a signature of this brand.

The light-weight model is perfect for flexibility and motion. This model peaks around the middle of the ankle, keeping its motion and movements steady and calculated each time you hit the trail. A memory foam footbed greets the balls of your feet and spreads the comfort across the bottom of the feet for stability and comfort.

Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe
  • GRID, Injection EVA,
  • Heel Grid system offers stable cushioning
  • Mesh upper helps provide breathability
  • Plush tongue and collar

Adidas Women's Energy Cloud V Running Shoe

Adidas is yet another top contender in the running shoe space. They have gained rave reviews over users who enjoy the inclusion of their CloudFoam technology. This innovative technology is included in the 5th run of their Cloud structure. The CloudFoam formulation adds a memory foam technology into the footbed of the shoe. This proprietary technology includes elements that memory foam is known to lack, meshing the two to create the perfect match for the feet.

This is a lightweight model that features mid-range ankle coverage. Beyond the inclusion of the foam technology, this shoe holds a thicker, rubber sole and features a grooved bottom for added movability. Adidas has been known for their flat-bottom shoes, but their running shoes are molded to feature gripping technology and added studs for increased stability across multiple surfaces.

adidas Women's Energy Cloud V Running Shoe
  • light and breathable textile upper
  • a supportive cage wraps around the midfoot for a...
  • molded heel cap for stability
  • cloudfoam midsole for step-in comfort and superior...

PUMA Women's Rebel Mid WNS Sneaker

Our inclusion for the women's space comes from Puma. This slip-on model for easy fitting is something to behold in the form of a running shoe. The lockdown and applied holding is carried out via an elastic system and a tighter fabric collation. This keeps the foot from slipping out when facing strides and/or pressures. This model is easy to access via the slip-on title, allowing for a simplistic fit no matter the foot size or type. The textile and synthetic combination makes for a lightweight, reinforced build. The rear is reinforced with material layering, creating that tight hold that keeps the heel for emitting movement when placed within the shoe.

The outsole is rather even-keeled and is made up of synthetic rubbers for increased support at the rear. This keeps the overall weight of the shoe low. A hike in the outsole is emitted at the rear to provide increased stability and cushioning directly underneath the heel.

5 Best Men's Running Shoes for Weak Ankles (Review)

PUMA Men's Ignite Evoknit Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma has historically sold well in the running space, creating fashionable creations that suit the user's wardrobe. This cross-trainer is the perfect fit for those having problems with their ankles as the high-top build caters to increased protection and support. This model features a strap that runs overtop the midfoot region, allowing for a heightened sense of lockdown and holding. The insertion point of this model takes on a sock-like format, allowing for easy access and promoting a smooth fit. This helps keeps the foot fully inserted and prevents internal shifting. Paneling is also added to build-up the rear of the shoe, creating a natural heel counter and reinforcing the materials to promote the proper upright stance.

The outsole of this model is created from a rubberized component. It is thinner, allotting the user a more minimalistic feel. This helps the user get a feel for their surfaces, emitting natural movements and promoting a natural stride. It also has inclusions at the outsole to absorb shocks and reduce pressures on the bottom of the foot. The undercarriage is grooved and features small cuts. This helps cater to the surface of running, allotting for the proper streams of stability no matter the surface type.

PUMA Men's Ignite Evoknit Sneaker
  • Run-Train Performance Sneaker
  • Ignite
  • Street Running Staple

Under Armour Men's Jet 2017

This inclusion from Under Armour comes as a hybrid model of the natural high-top design. This inclusion has all of the major properties looked for in a high-top build, while sporting a lightweight and functional build. This Jet model is made from a large combination of materials, citing leather, textiles, synthetics, vinyl acetates, and rubbers as the main contributors. Each item has its own function to contributing to the success of this model in creating ankle support. The textile and synthetic build makes up a majority of the outer shell, keeping a reinforced construction to protect against the elements. A large toe box is capped to prevent against abrasion and to allot enough room for natural splay and movement. Paneling also extends to the rear, creating a solid heel counter to promote upright movement and stability.

The outsole is treated to the vinyl acetate and rubberized build. The acetate is a thinner layer that makes up a majority of the midsole. This helps to virtually eliminate any shocks or pressures felt by the user. Resting under this layer is a thick, even-keeled rubber outsole. It is separated into levels to increase the comfort of the ride for the user.

Under Armour Men's Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe
  • Leather & textile upper combination for...
  • Enhanced cushioning around ankle collar for...
  • Ventilated mesh midfoot panel
  • Toe cap protects against toe drag & increases...

Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn M. Fit Mid-High Sneaker

Some of the heavier options also bode well in the weak ankle space. To improve upon the nature of stability and solid construction, Skechers released their Afterburn model. This is a heavier, outdoor model that shapes up more like a boot with athletic capabilities. This model is termed a mid-high rise, meaning it creates the line between complete high-top and possessing lightweight functioning. This model features heavy levels of layering and reinforcement, producing a shell that is almost impenetrable. The full lace-up system also provides a greater sense of lockdown, extending from the rear of the toe box to the insertion point. Thick padding greets the foot upon insertion, producing streams of comfort and creating an inclusion that works to lockdown and hold the foot in place.

The outsole caters directly to the natural design of the foot, limiting the functioning to the necessary area of coverage. It is layered to produce a natural midsole that meshes with the functioning of the outsole. The traction undercarriage mimics that of a trail runner build, allotting the user stability across a multitude of surface types.

Supra Skytop Skate Shoe

When it comes to weak ankles, it is important to apply a high-top rise for increased support at the ankle region. Skate shoes are common in this space and this Supra model is a fitting contender for helping reduce pain at the ankle region. The shall of this model applies a leather and synthetic combination, producing a strong material that will not bow to pressure or abrasions. The high-top rise comes with reinforcements and material stacking at the rear. This helps create a solid shaft that keeps the user operating in the proper, upright position. The lace holders wrap around the insertion point, increasing the holding and coverage featured at the ankle region.

The base of this model is made from rubberized materials and lays flat to the ground. This flat base provides the solid foundation the user requires to generate push-off and absorb contact upon landing. This material flexes to counter lateral and shifty movements, keeping the foot from shifting and causing internal wear and tear. The full lace-up system also provides an increased level of lockdown and holding, reducing internal shifting.

Supra Skytop Skate Shoe
  • Padded mesh collar and tongue
  • molded PU footbed
  • mesh sock liner
  • vulcanized outsole


NIKE Free Train Virtue Mens Cross Training Shoes

Our last men's inclusion also comes from the cross-training space. This offering from Nike includes many different implementations of lockdown and features a mid-level rise for increased support at the ankle region. This model features four different elastic overlaps that run across the outer shell. One covers the toe box, the second and third run across the midfoot region and the last surrounds the upper. These regions stretch to create an applied fit. The total system of these inclusions works to keep the footing high for the user, preventing internal shifting and keeping placement in the proper regions. The back heel of this model is reinforced to create a strong shaft. This keeps the user operating in the proper upright positioning.

The outsole is also designed to cater to the natural shape of the foot. Being comprised of rubberized materials, the outsole features a small hike at the arch for increased support and comfort in this region of the foot. It also hosts a lightweight, phylon midsole for increased shock absorption and reduction of pressures on the bottom of the foot.

Choosing the Correct Shoe

Find the correct pair of shoes should never be a question of brand loyalty. Each of the brands holding accolades in this space have constructed their shoes in relatively the same fashion. They often differ on constructive make-up, designs, and other such minimal differences. The main components that go into the development process, the piecing together of elements, and other assembly line work with produce a model that looks similar across brands, before the design piece comes into play. This is an important factor to take note of for the consumer. While a guide can produce the necessary things to look for, it cannot sway you from one brand to the next. When it comes to your personal health, it is important to find the correct fit for you. Fancy terminology is a foreign language to the prospective consumer, so ensure you keep your morals in your search.

Here is a short video explaining the history behind running with weak ankles:

From the short video, we have learned that ankle problems can develop from multiple sources. These sources range from being new to running to certain forms of movement that are far from our ankles. When it comes to shoe selection, it is important to find the correct fit. Gain a proper measurement of your feet so you know the range you are working with. Do not forget to leave out the width, as this is a vital area for the development of weak ankles. Shoes that are too tight can put pressure on lateral areas of the foot, which link directly to the ankle and its movements.

The next step you'll want to take is finding your fit across brands. All shoe brands differ in fits, even if the sizes are the same. Some say Nike products run small and Sketchers shoes are tight around the foot. This discussion reverts to the size of your foot. You may prefer one of these brands based on your foot size.

What are the Advantages to these Shoes?

One may be searching for a little more information surrounding our list of products. One of the direct benefits is that these shoes are designed with increased comfort means. Whether it be increased padding around the arches or a thicker heel for heightened support, these shoes include elements that directly relate to ankle stability.

A second advantage comes from the indirect side of the discussion. Not only do these items help support the ankles, but they work with your posture, produce lighter pounds on the ground, and target additional areas of the body. The posture piece is something that is often left unpracticed. We hurry through our day ignoring the pains and pressures until they build up beyond repair. The lighter footing allows for the user to reduce the stress and irritation within the joints and overall foot pressures. The entire body is affected, ranging from the upper torso to the balls of your feet. These shoes take a holistic approach to improving your moving health and keeping your upright and moving fluidly.

Target Areas of Concern

When searching for a product that meets the weak ankles needs, it is important to do your homework. A thick, rubber sole is the perfect starting place. Thin soles wear out rather easily and if you are dealing with ankle pain and cannot locate the source, the thin sole will only pile this pain on. A thick sole is used to help keep your footing stable, whether you are running or walking. It also reduces the pressure placed on your arches, heels, and ballpoints, which have a direct relation to the calves, knees, glutes, and torso. The bottom-up approach is very important to understanding how running shoes can benefit or hurt you.

The second feature is finding a shoe with the correct form of inserts. The two inserts that are most common in this space are gel-form or memory foam. The feel is dealt on a personal preference basis, with both providing the necessary assistance you need to pain reduction. You also want to make sure you have your correct foot measurements and that you are not giving too much in width or length. Shoes that are too large can pose similar problems as the ones that are too small. If you have to give up some length, make sure it is no more than half a shoe size. Also remember that there are multiple size converters if you are looking to switch from an adult size to a kid size, male to female sizing, and other such relations.


After our discussion of these 11 products, it is easy to see why the ASICS Gel-Venture takes the cake as the top model for weak ankles. It takes two forms of comfort and protection, stacks them upon one another, and provides the dual performance to ensure you are moving smoothly. It is also made from reinforced materials, which cover and protect the foot much like a boot would. More importantly, it almost completely covers the ankle, keeping it safe and stable through all forms of travel. Each of these models holds individual benefits that would make them a top contender for weaker ankles.

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