Best Earbuds To Sleep In 2020

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to your favorite music? Or was it an audio book? Perhaps some relaxing soundtracks? If any of this sounds familiar, you've also probably woken up with some seriously sore ears. The average set of earbuds or headphones simply weren't made to be slept in. The hard plastic can be especially troublesome for those who sleep on their sides, and who wants to be tangled in wires when they wake up? Luckily, there are some listening devices out there that were made for the comforts of sleep. Here are just a few of those that we will go over:




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SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Decibullz - Custom Molded Contour ES In-Ear Headphones


DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs


CozyPhones Sleep Headphones


Hibermate Sleep Headphones

Why you should look into these options

Falling asleep while listening to any kind of audio is a great way to help your mind unwind. Many people already have their "go-to" audio track in order to help them relax. The problem is that this can cause pain upon waking up. As mentioned earlier, this isn't very pleasant. There is also the risk of inner ear damage if you are not careful. Earbuds that have volume control built in can be convenient when you are awake, but accidentally applying pressure to that volume button can mean a rude awakening to some far too loud audio.

Other benefits for "sleeping" earbuds/headphones

When the idea of sleep is taken into consideration, the design changes. Things like flexibility and hygiene are a little more important when you design something made to be slept in. Tangled wires are not only troublesome to undo, but it can lead to a damaged pair of earbuds in no time. The wires are often fragile. Those who toss and turn in their sleep while wearing them could easily wind up needing to buy multiple pairs in short amounts of time. Wearing earbuds while you sleep could also lead to an ear infection. Naturally, if you don't clean them, they will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Many sleep time earbuds are made so that they are not placed on the inside of your ear. If they are, then they are typically designed so that they could be easier to clean.

Now that we've gone over some of those problems that normal earbuds can provide while sleeping, here are some highly rated picks by the customers who have purchased a more sleep-friendly product.

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Best Earbuds To Sleep

Decibullz - Custom Molded Contour ES In-Ear Headphones

This set of earbuds has a focus on both sound quality and form fitting. The company claims that the thermoplastic material is easily adjustable and should fit snugly to your ear shape. If it doesn't quite fit after the first use, they tell customers to simply run the plastic portion under some warm water, dry them off, and wear them again so they become a quick fit. Decibullz did not strictly make these for sleeping, but instead they made them comfortable for any day to day activity, including exercise. The downside to this could be that they're not the most comfortable for sleeping, but still more so than the average pair.

Hibermate Sleep Headphones

This product seems to be made for those who prioritize the ability to sleep with complete darkness. The idea of travel comes to mind, you may be able to block out all that light from within a plane or car ride in order to rest. It is a headband and sleep mask in one. Little speakers are placed on the sides, where padding is most prevalent for comfort. What may be bothersome is the weight that accompanies such a mask. The speakers are wired as well, so you may not be able to escape that problem here.

DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs

Made by Doppler Labs, this set of earbuds appears to be made with the minimalist in mind. They are wireless, but they do not have the capability to play music or any other kind of audio. They are noise filters, in short. For those who have trouble sleeping because noise keeps you up too easily, this may be a solution for that. They do not act as ear plugs, because you can still hear out of them. They cut the harshness in frequencies so that it takes the "edge" off of harsh noises. Some people do not like complete silence, so this could be a good ear plug alternative. The obvious downside is that they are not traditional earbuds that allow you to listen to any audio tracks.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

CozyPhones just sounds like comfort. These headphones are similar to the Hibermask listed above, but they are not made to cover your eyes as a mask. The similar concept is that there are removable speakers that are placed inside of a cloth headband to fit over your ears. It comes with a 52 inch cord and a breathable mesh fabric for the headband. This was clearly designed for comfort while sleeping. It also provides 3D audio and is compatible with every major brand of mobile electronics. It might not be so convenient to have to remove the speakers and wash the headband every few uses. Since it is fabric, it may get dirtied quickly.

SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A product with "sleep" in the name is obviously made for our topic at hand. The company, Acoustic Sheep, has a wide array of different headphones made for sleeping. They are strikingly similar to CozyPhones, but there are some key differences with this particular set. First, it is completely wireless. The fabric they use in this product is fleece. This could mean added comfort, but less breathability. They have flat, removable speakers, for which they sell separate replacements for. Having to wash the band is, once again, not too convenient, but the wireless aspect could make up for that.

Who's the best?

Based on the information we went over before, the clear winner of this bunch would be SleepPhones. With no wires to mess with, they already have more flexibility than many other options out there. The fleece that they make the headbands out of would be very comfortable to sleep on. As long as you wash the headband, these are also very hygienic. The speakers do not directly touch your ears and so it is a fairly safe call to say that it is a clean option. They were also built strictly for sleeping, so the speakers themselves could be even more durable than some of our other picks. The product comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee back up their durability. What's more is that they even claim to block out a fair amount of outside sound. They not only allow a for a 3D audio experience, but they quiet the otherwise pesky noises from around you. All in all, the features of SleepPhones outweigh the features of the rest, and with a great customer rating, this could be the solution to your bedtime needs.

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