Best Shoes for Male Nurses in 2021

If you are a nurse, you are fully aware of the rigors that come with spending a majority of your day on your feet. The sharp pains at the undercarriage of the foot, blistering that occurs from overheating or poor ventilation, and the bruising that occurs at the forefoot due to constriction. These are just a few of the problems male nurses can face with their nursing shoe selection. Improper usage can lead to long-term injuries.

Nipping the issue before it becomes a prolonged problem is the best way to combat these ailments. It starts with hosting the proper male nursing shoe. We have created an informative list of 15 different male nursing shoes that expand upon the different styles and selections made available to the male nursing community. We have also created a detailed nursing shoe buyer's guide, helping you to narrow your focus on certain inclusions that would create a stream of benefits.




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Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On


Crocs Unisex Classic Nursing Clog


White NIKE Men's Air Monarch IV Tennis Nursing Shoe


White New Balance Men's Mx623v3 Nursing Shoe


New Balance Men's MW577 Comfortable Nursing Shoe

Top Men's Nursing Shoes

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Nursing Slip On

Skechers is an active competitor in the athletic footwear discussion, but their work division also produces sound products for intensive purposes. For nurses, the Flex Advantage Slip-On model works to benefit their prolonged usage. The nursing shoe is comprised mainly of synthetic and mesh materials, for a comfortable and flexible fit. The mesh netting covers the outer shell, featuring the synthetic backing to reinforce the protection around the foot. The outsole is comprised of a lightweight rubber compound, which helps give the nursing shoe its lightweight name. The upper is treated to the mesh covering, featuring a padded collar that extends over the insertion point. This makes the nursing shoe easy to access across the different foot sizes and types.

The outsole is also treated to a slip resistant coating. Not only does this coating prevent slippage but it also works to increase your traction across a multitude of surfaces. An even patterning of small cuts is placed into the undercarriage of the outsole, producing proper footing upon standing and moving. The sides of the insertion point feature a stretchy, elastic material that affords the user ease of access. At the insole, Skechers includes one of their famed memory foam cushioning beds. This bed helps to absorb the contact from step to step, reducing shock and pressures placed on the foot. It also can form fit to your foot type, keeping a comfortable and smooth ride throughout strides. A rounded toe box with a padded covering keeps your toes safe from abrasions and allows the toes to rest naturally inside the nursing shoe.

Skechers Men's Flex Advantage Sr Mcallen-m
  • Slip-on shoe work shoe featuring mesh fabric upper...
  • Elastic side gores at opening
  • Padded collar and reinforced stitched seams....
  • For medium fit it maintains medium width in the...

Crocs Unisex Classic Nursing Clog

The next option extends from what we all thought would be an afterthought following production, but the record shows differently. The classic Crocs were first designed featuring the clog look. All of these models are made of Croslite materials, which is a combination the brand has become known for. This model is the perfect fit for applying comfort and ease of use. An adjustable back strap grips the heel at whatever angle the user would prefer, making fitting a breeze. It can also be pushed all the way down to make this model a fully-functioning slip-on.

The toes are covered and feature large holes, leaving breathability out of the question for the user. It is responsive to your movement and features an ample amount of padding to help you perform the desired movements. It ranks as the lightest slip-on option on the marketplace today. The color combinations extend whichever direction you would please, keeping a color for any type of wardrobe you host. It may not seem fashionable, but it is practical, comfortable, light, and functional, deserving of a spot on our product list.

crocs unisex classic clog
  • Perforated clog with textured trim and heel
  • Fully molded Crocs Croslite material for signature...
  • Fit suggestion for 1/2 size recommended to size...
  • Heel strap offers a secure fit

White NIKE Men's Air Monarch IV Tennis Nursing Shoe

One of the most successful models to ever extend from the Nike nursing shoe space is the Air Monarch's Tennis Nursing Shoes. This model helped to mesh athletic performance with a strong construction to meet the challenges of extensive wear. The properties of the nursing shoe better tell the story, so let's dive into the components. This is the fourth installment in the Monarch Training line. This model looks to lower the overall weight of the nursing shoe with the synthetic option meshed with the leather build. The synthetic components are reinforced at the upper, side panels of the midfoot, and at the areas surrounding the toe box. These precise reinforcements help to resist pressures that would cause problems for the foot. The upper is treated to the strengthened leather, while introducing perforations for airflow and increased padding for a comfortable hold.

The interior is lined with padding that extends overtop the insertion point. This makes fitting a breeze. This model is one of the few products that Nike extends to all size ranges and widths, storing a fit for any foot size. It runs true to size, which makes ordering a breeze. The outsole features the layered build, increasing the overall support the user receives from this base. It is also hiked at the arch, keeping the proper design to mold to the foot. The interior is also treated to the Air-Sole unit that fully reaches from one end of the shoe to the other. This insert helps to increase comfort and reduce the stress on the foot for a comfortable ride. This strong build holds plenty of reinforcements for protection, ease of pressures and strengthened builds to host prevalence in the all-day usage space.
This tennis nursing shoe is probably the best choice for young male nurses. It keeps you upright and in the correct position throughout your day.

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer
  • MEN'S LEATHER SNEAKERS: Leather upper features...
  • COMFORTABLE TRAINING: Foam Phylon midsole and...
  • NATURAL MOTION: Solid rubber outsole is durable...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT GYM SHOE: Mesh shoe tongue enhances...

White New Balance Men's Mx623v3 Nursing Shoe

Taking New Balance back to their earlier production days is the Mx623v3 model. This was one of the first athletic designs that New Balance developed. The model has come a long way since inception, but the main properties of the design and build make for a great inclusion in the all-day work space. This model is made primarily from synthetic and leather means, keeping the strong build and the proper mold for a good hold on the foot. This construction is very resistant to pressures and it holds its shape regardless of contact. The upper features a complete leather design, creating a force when it comes to proper lockdown and holding at the ankle area. This helps keep the user upright and stable throughout their daily stream of movements.

The interior is lined with a thicker, textile material. This is a breathable material that helps induce the proper form of air flow and reduce moisture buildup. The insert is a basic coverage platform that caters to the design of the foot, adding some extra cushioning. Resting underneath the insert is an EVA foot bed that utilizes memory foam properties to lesson the blow on the foot. This area blends with the midsole to help reduce shock and improve overall comfort for the user. 

New Balance Men's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer
  • Next-Level Comfort: The 623v3 training shoe from...
  • Athletic Design: Move with style in the 623v3 New...
  • Reliable Impact Resistance: ABZORB cushioning in...
  • Structured Design: Whether you’re working out or...

New Balance Men's MW411v2 Comfortable Shoe

Sticking within the sneaker realm, we have an offering from New Balance. New Balance has been highly touted for their strengthened builds, pouring high amounts of effort into the detail of their products. This activity-specific nursing shoe model is a telling piece to this mention. The MW411v2 Walker is a great take on reinforcement and stacked build for helping to induce fluid, comfortable movements. This nursing shoe relies heavily on a leather build to provide the ample amount of protection. This model also exercises precision in stitching, creating different overlays and unique patterning to provide support at the sides of the foot, the forefoot, the toe box, and the rear heel. The heel counter is treated to a round disk that rests above the outsole. This helps to counter pressures and resist shock to keep the ride comfortable for the user.

The outsole is designed in a walking specific nature, meaning it is treated to take on the discourse of long travel and stand up to wavering conditions of the traveled path. It features small cuts into the undercarriage to helps perform movements in a fluid motion, helping your exercise your natural foot striking. The outsole features a couple of layers of protection to further stop the shock before it reaches problem regions of the foot.

New Balance Men's MW411v2 Walking Shoe
7,600 Reviews
New Balance Men's MW411v2 Walking Shoe
  • Support your stride with dual density midsole
  • Rubber outsole for durable wear

Skechers 77055 Cankton Nursing Sneaker

Sometimes the job may require some heavy lifting or being placed within close relation to heavy equipment. When this duty calls, answer the bell with a steel toe shoe. Skechers created one of the most practical options when they combined athletic fit and design with the steel toe protection. This small inclusion might increase the overall weight of the model, but the steel toe benefits speak for themselves. It is resistant to all forms of contact and bumps and its inclusion helps make room for a spacious toe box for the user. This Cankton model is made solely from suede and mesh materials. The suede can be found covering the outer shell, with reinforcements and backing for a solid covering. The mesh is found at the upper and at the sides of the shoe to assist with breathability. A mesh tongue greets the top of the foot with a comfortable hold. The side inclusions keep the air flowing in a positive direction to and from the shoe.

The outsole takes on a thick platform and stacks the rubberized components. The undercarriage molds to meet the natural design of the foot, applying the proper hike for the arch and the proper thickness for supporting the main areas of ground contact. The interior features a fabric liner that helps keep moisture away. The insole utilizes a thick, memory foam design that keeps the user comfortable throughout the duration of their movements. This material form fits the foot for better pockets of protection and less shocks on the bottom of the feet.

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Nursing Shoe

There are few options extending from both the slip resistant and athletic footwear space, but Reebok adds to that field with their Work N Cushion 2.0 model. This brand even adds the walking notion to this model, making it a prime target for users walking on rough surfaces for long periods of time. This model features the primary build of leather for a strong foundation. This build extends to the upper, creating a strong resistance measure for abrasions. The interior is lined with thick layers of padding the gently grasp the foot, keeping pressure low to apply the proper holding technique. The interior design molds to the foot, helping to increase the solid holding notion. As we reach the rear of the interior, we notice a heel cupping that keeps this region from any type of pronation.

The exterior of the nursing shoe relies heavily on material reinforcement and stitching to keep the shell operating effectively. The toe box is widened for natural toe splay and a layer of covering wraps around the front of this area to effectively resist pressures and abrasions. The outsole is treated to become both oil and slip-resistant, allowing for proper traction across any surface or terrain. This also helps the user increase their footing at the interior. The nursing shoe is also cut low for easy insertion, helping to apply a fit that will work with any foot type. The insole operates with the Rebook MemoryTech system for increase comfort and protection. This introduces a bed of cushioning to the foot and helps to work with the midsole to keep the pressures low and the shock absorption high.

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe
1,464 Reviews
Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe
  • Leather upper
  • Low-cut design
  • Dmx ride technology
  • Beveled heel construction

Dickies Men's Athletic Slip-Resistant Hospital Shoe

How about applying an athletic shell to a work-centered outsole? Dickies nailed this model by keeping the casual notion while introducing athletic properties that really cater to our daily movements. This nursing shoe takes a leather shell and morphs it into an athletic design, bringing the properties of movement full-circle. Stitching at the sides of the nursing shoe reinforces the sides, this keeps the proper stability at the interior, keeping the foot from shifting and keeping your footing in-check. The tongue and collar feature thick amounts of padding, which surrounds the foot with comfort streams. This padding also keeps stability and reduces internal shifting. These functions also correlate with exterior movements, keeping the user in the proper, upright position. The insertion point is designed with elastic materials, keeping fitting a breeze.

The outsole takes on a molded design that directly caters to the design of the foot. This shaping keeps a slight hike at the midfoot, applying the proper arch support the user needs for prolonged wear. The front and back of the outsole remain thick and stacked, catering directly to the highest areas of traffic for push-off and landing. The interior is also lined with fabricated materials, applying properties that reduce moisture and wick it away with ease. This keeps the breathability high and the air flowing in positive streams.

Dickies Men's Athletic Slip-Resistant Work Shoe
  • Slip-resistant work shoe featuring elastic side...
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Channeled liquid-dispersing outsole for slip...

GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Sneaker Slip On Leather Nursing Shoe

Helping to check all the features off of your list is the loafers extending from GM Golaiman. This relatively unknown brand has worked to establish a nursing shoe that holds all the important bells and whistles you need for all day wear and comfort. This nursing shoe is termed as a loafer and takes the design as such. It features a suede covering and is constructed to host a slip-on fit. This durable material will help to combat abrasions. The construction greatly benefits the user who has problems when fitting, allowing the elasticity to take hold of any foot size. Elegant stitching is found along the toe box, near the upper, and at other precise locations to give the model a stance of fashion and practicality in protection.

The outsole is constructed via lightweight rubber compounds, applying an even base for push-off. This lightweight material can be directly associated to stamina increases due to lugging around less weight. The traction units at the outsole are treated to provide resistance to both abrasions and slippage, keeping that solid foundation for proper footing and push-off. The interior is lined with a lighter material that contributes to breathability increases. The inserts are constructed via memory foam properties, keeping this area responsive to the user's movements. The inserts are also removeable, affording the user the option to host their own if necessary. This model takes a casual look and applies comfort at unseen locations, keeping it practical for all-day usage.

GM GOLAIMAN Men's Slip-On Loafers Suede Leather Slip Resistant Walking Shoes Brown 7
  • PERFECT FIT: Specially designed for...
  • EASY TO SLIP ON AND OFF: This pair of...
  • COMFORT & WRINKLE FREE: Premium...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE: Fully padded insole...

Sanita Men's Professional Cabrio Nursing Clog

When it comes to the male selection for footwear options, you must broaden your horizons. Swapping style for comfort is one of these trade-offs that stands to benefit the consumer. Clogs are at the heart of the comfort discussion, and this offering from Sanita creates practical usage for prolonged wear. This model is made primarily of leather materials, keeping it as an enforcer to abrasions and resistant to heavy wear. This model hosts a slip-on design with a heel backing for proper holding. Most clogs omit the backing, allowing this model to host a higher level of stability. It is also constructed with an orthopedic mindset, hosting the proper arch at the midfoot and placing reinforcements under the heel and toe box. The toe box is curved, allowing for more space for the toes to splay naturally. This construction helps to eliminate constriction, keeping your blood flowing and blisters at bay.

The interior is lined with synthetic and polyurethane materials, keeping a light construction that takes a form-fitting shape. The foot bed is shaped to resemble the general construction of the foot, adhering to the common pressure points and high traffic areas of usage. The heel backing is stitched to the upper and is thin in build. This allows for some flexibility for the user, adhering the proper fit to most foot sizes and types. The thick outsole helps to provide support throughout the day. Teamed with the proper construction, this outsole is built to counter pressures from steps and limit the overall fatigue you receive from step to step. The upper also features a thick padding that rests underneath the leather coating, helping to provide lockdown at the midfoot and keep the cushioning level consistent with the other components of the nursing shoe.

Sanita Pro Cabrio Professional Clogs for Men - Arch Support, Durable, Closed-Back Slip-On Shoes
  • PROFESSIONAL CLOGS FOR MEN: The Cabrio style...
  • ARCH SUPPORT AND COMFORT: So comfy! A soft footbed...
  • APMA APPROVED: Sanita Clogs are doctor approved!...

Gracosy Slip-On Male Nursing Shoe

Gracosy is a brand that doesn't receive a lot of attention, but their slip-on nursing shoes combine some of the greatest benefits into a single model. This design and look closely resembles a loafer, keeping the look casual or double into the professional usage space. The material make-up relies heavily on treated leather, keeping the overall construction of the shoe strong and resistant to abrasions and pressures. The leather upper blends with the shell, producing a rounded top that rests over the top of the foot. It doesn't constrict movement, allowing for a simple fit. The insertion point is created as a synthetic extension from the upper, holding a flexible heel counter for ease of access.

The second area of intrigue is the unique design of the outsole. The outsole is made from a rubberized compound and is thick in nature. The format of the outsole closely caters to the natural design of the foot, hosting the proper arch bridge and thickening at the front and the rear. The undercarriage of the midfoot features 6 shock absorbers that extend from the arch. This helps to spread the pressure at an even level, reducing any individual attention one area of the foot would receive. This function also helps to reduce fatigue as it keeps the foot in a responsive state, gaining stamina and comfort from each step. The insole also features an increase in padding with a sole that operates like a memory foam. This insole helps cater to all areas of the foot, creating little rests and pockets for the foot to call on for heavy usage and long durations.

Crocs Unisex On The Clock Work Slip On

One of the top names in comfort and production in the past decade is Crocs. Their models continue to sell at a steady pace, allowing the company to extend their reach to additional spaces. Keeping the nursing man in mind, the On the Clock Slip On was created. This model extends from a man-made design, which is a staple for all Crocs products. The sole and most of the outer shell extends from synthetic means, keeping it as both a lightweight and flexible option for the user. This model keeps a completely covered outer shell, which is important for workplace protection. The mold of the outer shell has properties on the interior for reinforcing protection and increasing comfort. They are shaped as strips of extensions that surround the foot, helping to reduce the blow upon pressure. These extensions also create for a comfortable padding inclusion that keeps the foot from shifting too much within the nursing shoe.

The outsole is treated to a slip-resistant tread. This tread is split into two portions or platforms. One rests underneath the toe box and the other rests under the heel. These platforms include groove cuts, extensions, and differing patterns. This design caters directly to produce even holding across differing movements. It also allows for an adhesive to slippery surfaces, reducing any footing concerns. The insole is treated to the Crocs dual comfort system. This system works to produce an even-patterned foot bed, with specific attention placed at the hell cup, midfoot design, and a spacious toe box fit. The second function is to wick away moisture and help introduce a positive correlation of air flow to and from the nursing shoe. This model may run a little wide, but this helps it fit almost any foot size. Most Crocs models are an applied model, so be sure to test your size before purchasing for extended periods of wear.

SafeTstep Men's Slip Resistant Trifecta Mid-Top Sneaker

One of the pioneers in the male nursing shoe productions for the work force is safeTstep. Their products apply practical means to help you withstand the situation you are placed in. Whether it's a slippery surface or a call to all-day action, safeTstep has products to meet your needs. One of their most successful models is the Trifecta Mid-Top sneaker. It is comprised of synthetic materials with textile and mesh mixed in at specific locations. The shell is designed to mold to the foot, keeping your movements highly responsive. The outer shell also features side-by-side panels at the midfoot to increase holding and stability in this region. Small holes are placed across the shell to better increase the internal and external air flow. The mesh and textile materials make an appearance at the tongue. This tongue sits flush overtop the foot, keeping the proper hold. The tongue also extends down to the toe box, helping to better assist users who have larger feet.

The insertion point features a padded collar overlay that rises at the sides with synthetic panels. These panels help to increase stability at the ankle area. This keeps the foot operating in the proper, upright position throughout the day. Stability is important to gaining stamina because it reduces the heavy pressures often placed on this area of the foot. There are spaced cuts placed in the undercarriage of the outsole to account for different types of terrain and surfaces. This rubberized component is also treated to resist against slips and slick areas. This improves the traction, keeping stability a constant throughout the entire build of this mid-rise model.

safeTstep Men's Slip Resistant Trifecta Mid-Top Sneaker
  • Slip Resistant and Oil Resistant
  • 24/7 Comfort Insole
  • Pinhole details
  • Laces and ankle pull tab

Alpine Swiss Arbete Men's Leather Slip-On Medical Shoe

The Alpine Swiss company has produced many different tactical goods for the outdoor marketplace, focusing their attention on practical means for success. This mindset is carried into the production of their footwear selections and the all-day wear their Arbete Leather Slip-On model hosts. This nursing shoe utilizes a leather shell to resist abrasions and greatly reduces any outside threats from penetrating the surface. A thick, padded collar surrounds the insertion point, allowing for flex in the fit and produce a comfortable hold on the ankle region. The insertion point also holds elasticity at the sides, allowing the user an ease of usage and a simple fit.

Speaking to the outer shell, this nursing shoe utilizes a simplistic design that creates benefits for the user. One is the elegant stitching that surrounds the toe box. This separates the functional leather from the shaped box, providing an additional resistance measure the helps with reducing the stubbing of toes and abrasion threat. The toe box is curved and almost takes on a square shape, allowing the toes plenty of room to rest naturally and execute free movements. The outsole is treated rubber that has the ability to resist abrasions, prevent slippage, and help gain traction on slick, oily surfaces. This makes it the proper companion to take on any surface that it is presented with.

Alpine Swiss Arbete Mens Leather Slip-On Work Shoes Slip Resistant
225 Reviews
Alpine Swiss Arbete Mens Leather Slip-On Work Shoes Slip Resistant
  • Abrasion, Slip and Oil Resistance Tested. Using...
  • Slip-On with Elastic for Easy Wear and a Secured...
  • Extra Insole and Ankle Padding for Comfort...
  • Durable 100% Genuine Leather, Rubber Outsoles

Dr. Scholl's Men's Proudest Nursing Shoes

If keeping your look professional is more your speed, you will enjoy the latest offer from Dr. Scholl's. This company was touted for their production of shoe inserts, helping to include foot-mapping kiosks within retail locations to better prescribe the right fit for the user. Now their focus has turned to footwear production. The Proudest model takes the format of any dress shoe. The black color and black laces don't leave a lot up to the imagination. There is stitching to separate the toe box from the midfoot area and additional stitching to include material for a heel cup. This is the common design for a dress shoe, but the toe box isn't as pointed, creating for that spacing separation the user needs for all-day wear. The heel cup inclusion helps keep footing in-check and reduces the call to unwanted motion from this region.

The insole is where this shoe holds its greatest intrigue. The company combined all of their research and knowledge to produce an insert that meets the average requirements of users. Now this won't meet the needs of all consumers, but it will include a large majority of the population. These insoles work to target the main areas of pressure affecting the feet and replace them with massagers that keep the feet from fatiguing. This inclusion is meant to keep the user moving, which is a tough find in a dress shoe. This is a highly desired model for those looking for a more professional look.

Dr. Scholl's Men's Proudest Work Shoe
  • In independent lab testing, our shoes beat...
  • Memory Foam Cool Fit and anti-compression insole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining and Aegis Microbe...

Buyer's Guide for Male Nursing Shoes 



After we have detailed our vast list of products, it becomes time to address some of the important components of a male nursing shoe. One of the main concerns to address is the comfort to the user. Addressing this first is important because this is something that will follow you wherever you go. You cannot escape your nursing shoe at any point during the day, making the comfort piece an important area to address. You can boost you comfort by creating additional space. A spacious toe box, enough width at the forefoot, and an ample heel cup help to work from front of nursing shoe to the back. Try the twist test. Plant your foot and try to twist your ankle back and forth. If you can move it easily, these male nursing shoes are too big and will be cumbersome to deal with on a prolonged basis.

You should shoot for a strong hold, but one that doesn't cut off circulation or reduce your control over your feet. Insoles are also important to making this happen. Most prefer memory foam inclusions and others prefer gel-like substitutes. Go with what suits your fancy or take professional advice from a health official. They can pinpoint the areas where you would require additional supports and may be able to up the padding for prolonged wear. Comfort relates directly to fit, and fit can be prescribed after performing strides. Get out and test the model or a similar comparison if you are looking for a particular brand.



The supportive units of a male nursing shoe are also important aspects to look at. Does it have a flat foot bed or does it take the natural shape of the foot? Is the outsole stacked, layered, or reinforced? Are there any panels that keep my alignment in-check? The more inclusions the better, you just have to know what you are looking for. Supportive measures come at the interior and the exterior. The foot bed and heel cup are two of the most important interior inclusions. The heel cup helps to keep the foot from exercising adverse movements, playing a part with the ankle to prevent twisting and injury. The foot bed has properties that reduce the shock and pressures on the foot. The supportive means comes from mixing these concerns with insert inclusions. The exterior has support elements at the outsole, midfoot, insertion point and rear heel. The outsole keeps you stable upon each stride, providing the proper base for the support you need. The midfoot may include side panels, with supports the midfoot area. The insertion point utilizes wraps and tight corridors to ensure the proper hold on the foot. The heel counter also works with pressures and provides a stabilizer to upright movements.



The durable nature of the male nursing shoe is a telling sign if it is meant for all-day usage. Lighter materials like textile and mesh are good for running but represent poor options for all-day wear. These items can be reinforced, but they can only offer so much protection and resistance to pressures. Prolonged usage of these materials also makes them wear quickly. Leather, suede, and synthetic coverage options represent the best choices. The main point being these options tend to keep their form, applying only natural flex components to the user's movements. This helps increase the duration they can be worn and the amount of time you can utilize these models as work companions.

Safety and Design

These two features go hand-in-hand. A model can be termed as safe it if utilizes the proper design. When it comes to male nursing shoes, extra protection in the toe box is a common signal. This can be anything from a thin layer of protection to the inclusion of steel at the toe. Both help to resist pressures, keep abrasions at bay, and keep the user operating in a safe fashion. Other safety measures reach to the outsole. An outsole that is treated to a specific design can adopt slip-resistant properties. This could relate to anything spanning from slick environments to areas with oil covered floors. You never know what you are going to encounter on the walking surface, making these inclusions the desired fashion for users to adopt.


After diving into the vast selection of our nursing inclusions, there were a few contenders that stood out above the rest. As an editor's pick, the Skechers Nursing Shoes took the cake. If you have ever been on the search for dress shoes, pairing prolonged comfort with the existing options is difficult. That is exactly what this model does. This was our number one pick. The value selection is the Crocs Unisex Classic Nursing Clog.  It is the best value for your money, also hosting success in the non-slip outsole and the strong material design.

Whichever option you select, remember to scale through the important categories listed in the buyer's guide. There is no bad selection if it remains comfortable to you after prolonged usage. If you are looking for support, make sure to check both the interior and the exterior. Safety can be obtained, you just have to find the areas of focus you are looking to key-in on.

Brandon Owen

When it comes to shoes, Brandon is our expert! He currently works in a shoe department store as a supervisor. The department carries everything from athletic shoes to work boots, so he has experience in all sorts of shoe types. His strong suit is athletic shoes, utility shoes (tactical boots, work boots), and other sports shoes. He prides himself on the varieties and brands on a weekly basis, as they obtain about 30-50 new styles every week. This helps to strengthen his product knowledge and gives important insight to customers that aren’t necessarily sure what types of shoes they need. Also, he is a big fan of tennis. He practices on a regular basis and is an expert in tennis equipment.