11 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet 2021

How to choose the right soccer shoes for people with wide feet?

Some people are just born with wider feet. It’s genetics, and it’s normal. The problem for people with wide feet is finding shoes that fit well. When people buy shoes, most of them have a set numerical shoe size in mind. This can be a problem since that size “number” typically just means foot length and does not factor in the width of the foot.

Most shoe manufacturers don’t factor in people who have wide feet when making shoes, so a normal shoe size can feel a lot tighter or not fit people with wide feet. Wearing shoes in the wrong size could cause you to develop blisters, calluses, or bunions.

Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

For those that play soccer, finding the best soccer cleats for wide feet can be tough. Also, not everyone with wide feet has the same fit. If you have flatter arches, then you’ll need cleats that have a wider midfoot. Soccer shoes come in all types of materials, but which one is the best for your wide feet?

The best soccer cleats for wide feet are shoes made from leather. Soccer shoes with leather uppers will stretch over time, making your wide feet fit so much better without reducing comfort or performance. Leather soccer shoes are the better option for wide feet as it stretches and shapes to your foot more than synthetic shoes, and it gives you better protection than knit shoes.

Copa Mundial Boots

The Copa Mundial is one of the top-selling cleats. With kangaroo leather as the upper material of this shoe, the shoe will stretch and mold to your foot shape. If you have wide feet, this shoe could be for you as the die-cut EVA insole provides you an extra layer of cushion against the front wall of the boot. This shoe stands out for being both durable and comfortable.

adidas Men's Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats
  • Legendary soccer cleats for stability on firm...
  • Leather upper with premium K-leather in the...
  • Move with explosive speed and traction on dry...
  • Die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort

PUMA Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoes

This shoe gives you a synthetic upper. The outsole is designed to allow you to bend your foot more without being restricted by stiff materials. Good in all weather conditions too. For those with wide feet, this soccer shoe will give you a more comfortable fit because of its off-center lacing system.

Nike Premier K-Leather Soccer Cleats

The shoe features Anti-Clog Traction for use on soft ground. This prevents mud from clogging your shoe and weighing you down. The kangaroo leather gives you comfort and will stretch to your foot shape. The shoe tongue can be folded over to hide the laces, giving you a smoother strike surface for the ball. The TPU plate offers stability and durability. The metal studs are detachable and are designed to give you good traction even on muddy pitches. If you want soccer cleats for wide feet that give you enhanced traction in mud, this might be good for you.

Adidas Copa 18.2

An updated version of the Copa, this shoe can perform well in all types of pitches. The upper material is also made with kangaroo leather, making it ideal for wrapping around every kind of feet. This shoe comes with a compression tongue and Ortholite sock liners, giving you a more improved fit while still being comfortable. If you want cleats for wide feet that can be used in different pitches, this shoe is a good fit.

New Balance Men’s Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe

The Kinetic Stitch upper is pliable and can stretch for a better fit. This gives your feet room as it can press against the material while still giving you comfort. The TPU outsole and conical studs give you lots of traction and agility. If your playstyle is catered more as a playmaker, then this may be a good soccer shoe for your wide feet.

New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe
  • Multi directional stud arrays for 360* movement
  • Full flame chrome plated and flame injected...
  • Mid field player


Adidas Performance Ace 17.2 Primemesh FG

Featuring a PrimeMesh upper, the shoe is very comfortable as it wraps around your feet. The Primecut ankle construction is made to mold to the shape of your foot, giving you comfort and stability. The Total Control studs give you control when changing directions quickly in both firm or dry grass. If you have wide feet, this shoe could be good for you if you like comfort without minimizing stability.

adidas Performance Men's Ace 17.2 Primemesh FG Soccer Shoe
  • PRIMEMESH upper provides a comfortable, sock-like...
  • Ultra-thin film on upper helps keep water and...

Mizuno Morelia

The shoe features a quilted kangaroo leather upper. The leather is handcrafted and made thin, giving you more control on the ball. The soleplate is also flexible and can adapt to however you play. Built to provide good control of the ball without sacrificing comfort. This might be a good choice for you if you want soccer shoes that are comfortable for wide feet while giving you supreme control on the ball.

Mizuno Men's Morelia II P1GA150109 [Japan Import]
  • MORELIA Station Limited Model
  • Light, Soft, Barefoot Feeling
  • Made in Japan
  • Scotch Guard Kangaroo Leather

Adidas Performance Ace 16.2 Primemesh

The shoe comes with a TechFit collar, which securely fits around your ankle. The PRIMEMESH upper gives you a very comfortable, sock-like fit on your foot, no matter the size or width. The studs are designed in a way that gives you this nice little pocket underfoot, allowing you to put more studs on the ball, giving you far better control. This might be the shoe for you if you want soccer shoes for wide feet that give you great comfort and excellent control on the ball.

adidas Performance Men's Ace 16.2 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Shoe
  • Firm ground cleats for the playmaker
  • Experience improved ball control and zero wear-in...
  • PRIMEMESH vamp overlay
  • Wide build for comfort and performance


New Balance 442 Pro Fg V1 Classic 

This shoe features elevated heels, which relieve the strain on your Achilles tendon. The kangaroo leather molds to your feet, giving you a good fit. The Ortholite sock liner gives you added comfort, while the width of the shoe gives you the space you need for better ball control. The studs are conical in shape, giving you great traction on the pitch. If you want the shoes for wide feet that are very flexible, then consider grabbing this pair.

New Balance Men's 442 Pro V1 Classic Soccer Shoe
  • Leather
  • New Balance Men's 442 Pro V1 Classic Soccer Shoe


Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio 2 Leather FG Soccer Cleat

The leather upper gives you great fit and comfort. The shoe is also light, making maneuvering around in it easy. It may look plain, but it’s very durable and can be used no matter what condition the pitch is in. This shoe might be for you if you want cleats for wide feet that are durable, reliable, and fit great.

Nike Lady Air Zoom Elite+ 5 Running Shoes
262 Reviews
Nike Lady Air Zoom Elite+ 5 Running Shoes
  • A breathable mesh upper - with stretch panel for...
  • Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot combine...
  • Waffle outsole – Great traction in all...
  • Deep flex grooves - for enhanced flexibility and a...

Puma Men’s King 2 FG Soccer Boots

Updated with a modern look, the shoe features the EverFit lacing system, which runs across the mid, allowing you to tighten the shoe to how you like it. The soft leather upper fits comfortably around the foot. The external heel counter gives improved fit and stability for your heel. The Pebax outsole is lightweight and comes with a mix of traction and injected conical studs. If you value flexibility and maneuverability soccer shoes for wide feet, this shoe might be for you.


Understanding the Different Types of Soccer Shoes

  • Artificial Grass cleats are made to be used on synthetic turfs. They have studs that are slightly longer than the stubs on turf shoes, but they are shorter compared to the outdoor cleats.
  • Indoor shoes have outsoles that are flat and have a collar that is low-cut most of the time. Also known as Futsal shoes, they are typically worn in gyms and other dry surfaces.
  • Outdoor cleats are used outdoors in grass fields. The studs of outdoor cleats are either conical, bladed, or a combination of the two.
  • Turf shoes are ideal for turf surfaces. The rubber outsole is designed to give you good traction on the turf pitch and is quite durable. The cleats on the shoe are shorter and are usually made of rubber.

The Different Materials Used for Soccer Shoes

Soccer shoes can be made from different types of materials. Each material has its properties, and this is to help you decide which type of shoe you would want.


One new type of material that has risen in popularity this last decade is the knit soccer shoe. This is because these shoes are the most comfortable to wear as they feel as if you are wearing socks. Make sure you get knit shoes that are coated as these soak up water easily. Knit shoes are the least durable of all materials. If you prioritize comfort over durability, then knit shoes will be perfect for you.


Synthetic shoes give you a good fit with almost no break-in period. A lot of shoes use synthetic since it is lighter than leather, and can be used in any type of weather. The only downside to this material is it isn’t as durable as leather, and it doesn’t give you much protection. It also doesn’t stretch naturally.

Kangaroo and Calfskin Leather

Kangaroo leather is the material used in most expensive soccer shoes. It is soft to the touch while still giving you good protection. With good maintenance, these shoes can last you a long time. Calfskin leather shoes are more durable but aren’t as soft as kangaroo leather. You will need more time when it comes to breaking in a pair of shoes made from calfskin leather. If you want a softer, more comfortable leather shoe, then choose kangaroo leather. If durability is what you’re after, then go for calfskin. Keep in mind that leather shoes will make weigh your foot down in wet conditions.

Now that you know what makes a soccer shoe, here are a few shoes from different brands that you can consider purchasing if you have wide feet yet still want to play well. This list will help you in deciding what the best soccer cleats for wide feet are.

How to convert women’s shoe size to men’s?

When it comes to sizing, most manufacturers offer soccer shoes for both men and women. For women who prefer using male soccer shoes, you need to get a pair that is a size and a half smaller. This takes into account the gender difference since males generally have larger and wider feet.


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