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What is Emotional Intelligence and How to Improve It?

A Brief History of Our Understanding of IntelligenceIt was once thought that intelligence meant intellect, and only intellect. Intellect wasn’t merely the primary focus, it was the only focus, and methods of improving the intellect were eagerly sought. Dr. Samuel Renshaw and Alfred Korzybski are two of the pioneers who worked to find methods of […]

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What is Love and How Does It Work?

According to the Social Science Journal, most songs in existence today focus on a familiar theme: love. With an estimated 623+ million songs in existence today, that is a lot of songs about love! Of course, “love” is a pretty broad topic. Within the spectrum of songs about love, some are written about falling in love. […]

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What is Empathy and How Does It Work?

The world is full of many kinds of people. Among other things, they are distinguished by their appearance and personality traits. But one of the characteristics that stands out the most is the amount of kindness and compassion that they show for one another. Some people seem to go about their lives with no consideration […]

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